Gwyneth Paltrow Awkwardly Asks Miranda Kerr If It’s ‘Weird to Be That Pretty’ -- We’re Shaking Our Heads, Too

gwyneth paltrowDried-up sea hag Gwyneth Paltrow wants to know what it would be like to be super pretty. I guess after years of looking at herself in the mirror and seeing a pimply-faced, overweight, just plain weird reflection, we would, too. I kid. Gwyneth's gorgeous, obviously. Too gorgeous if there's such a thing. So it's kind of strange that she went up to model Miranda Kerr at the "un-fun" Met Gala and asked her: "Is it weird to be that pretty?"

To which Miranda was like, "No."


I know that we're supposed to laugh at everything Gwyneth "Just Ring Up Your Fish Monger" Paltrow says, but I've gotta be honest here: I sort of love that she said this. I, too, have looked at Miranda Kerr before and have been kind of confused. I mean, who looks like that? How is that even genetically possible? She's like a gorgeous alien sent from Planet Attractiva who's one mission is to make us all feel like hogs. But on the anti-Gwyneth flip-side, Paltrow was just named "World's Most Beautiful Woman", so yeah. I can see how it would be construed as a tab obnoxious. "You're the prettiest." "No, you're the prettiest!" Oh, celebs. You and your 24-hour love-fests.

To settle things once and for all, both of these women are pretty. We're all pretty in our own, unique ways. But seriously, it would be weird to look like Miranda Kerr. I feel like I'd just stand in the bathroom and look at myself all day.

What do you think of Gwyneth's comments?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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