Gwyneth Paltrow’s Makeup-Free & Wet Hair Look Is Unfairly Flawless


gwyneth paltrowWhat happens when the most beautiful woman in the world steps out of her apartment with wet hair and no makeup? She makes us all cringe with jealousy and curse our lack of will power. Gwyneth Paltrow was photographed Wednesday morning leaving her Tribeca apartment looking decidedly dressed down, but still impeccably gorgeous.

Guess those green juices really do make you look beautiful from the inside out, because Gwen, 40, looks perfect without any hair or makeup tricks.

On Monday, Ms. Paltrow attended the Met Gala in a gorgeous pink Valentino gown with plenty of eye-shadow and a lovely ponytail. Now, two days later, she's washed off the glitz and glamour and wore jeans, booties, and an '80s rocker leather jacket to run some errands.

If you ask me, she probably should've worn this outfit to the Met ball, seeing as it was a punk theme, and seeing as how Gwyneth showing up without makeup in jeans and a jacket would've been the punkiest thing ever, but she instead opted to play it safe (and off-theme) in a pretty pink dress.

On Tuesday, Gwen looked casual and chic in white pants and a black top while promoting the GOOP app at SoHo's Apple store, and after two events back to back, I'm sure she was happy to have some down time that required little to no fussing.

She's described herself in the past as a laid-back, jeans and t-shirt type girl, so this low-fi look is certainly one in which she's most comfortable.

What do you think of Gwen's makeup-free look?


Photo via Kevin Winters/Getty

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LostS... LostSoul88

She looks normal. Glad you wrote a postive post about a actress being make-up free unlike on of your other comrads that say disgusting things about women that don't fit her mind set of how women should look .

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