Woman’s ‘Mommy Makeover’ Plastic Surgery for Mother’s Day Goes Horribly Wrong (VIDEO)

We hear so much about celebrities willy-nilly going and getting plastic surgery without so much as a hard 10-second thought about it that I think we forget that surgery is always serious and always carries some risk. No doubt surgery is worlds away from the medieval days when it was painful and extremely dangerous, with people routinely dying on the table. But it's still surgery. It shouldn't ever be undertaken lightly. And plastic surgery often isn't medically necessary -- lots of times it's not even cosmetically necessary. Let's face it, nobody NEEDS bigger boobs or a thinner nose. Still, surgery is generally so safe today that people are shocked when something goes wrong. The family of a mother of two is considering suing the woman's plastic surgeon after her "mommy makeover" went horribly wrong.

The 39-year-old woman, Adriana de Silva, who is the mother to a 14-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son, flew to Florida from New York in order to have a "mommy makeover" -- a tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast implants. Her 14-year-old daughter said the surgeries were a gift to herself for her birthday and Mother's Day.

Surgery as a gift? Shudder. But two days after her surgery, de Silva had a stroke. She then slipped into a coma. And then she died.

Two children without a mother. For cosmetic surgery. Is it worth the risk? Let's face it, we all have physical things about ourselves that we don't like. I'm not going to mention mine. I don't like them, so why would I draw attention to them? But there is one particular surgery I've thought about getting for ages. In fact, when I once casually mentioned it to a doctor, he began going on and on about how I would look GREAT with that surgery! By the time I left his office, what had been a fleeting thought in my mind almost became a certainty. I began looking up the procedure online. Comparing costs. Imagining how FABULOUS I would look with that surgery.

And then I came to my senses. Did I really want my insides split open and tools shoved into my body while I was under anesthesia to cause a cosmetic change that probably no one but me would notice anyway? Better to get to like myself. Anyway, the older I get, the more I like my flaws!

That said, I'm not ruling out surgery forever. If it gets to the point that they can do face lifts or breast implants without putting you under, then sign me up. I ain't gonna lie. But until that day, I'll stick with what I have.

I'm not blaming de Silva for her choice. She obviously thought the surgeries would be safe. But I wonder why the doctor chose to do three major surgeries at once? I think people think you go into an office and boom! come out looking fab. But there's a whole lotta pain and healing between surgery and fab.

There is nothing sadder than dying for a surgery that you didn't need to have. My heart goes out to this family.

Would you ever have plastic surgery? Have you?

Image via WPTV

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nonmember avatar Katharine

My heart goes out to this family and it is truly saddening, but it bothers me how people are quick to judge anyone who gets plastic surgery. After a 13-year battle with anorexia during the time I should have developed a woman's body, I had no breasts and only one ovary that functioned because of the damage I had done to my body for so long. With my family's and ob/gyn's blessing, I had a very small breast augmentation that nobody would think twice about. To me, these are prosthetic breasts, not an unnecessary cosmetic procedure. I don't think you meant to so flippantly dismiss all cases, but I wanted to point out that not everyone who has plastic surgery takes it lightly.

lalab... lalaboosh

I might get a boob job and do something about my under eye circles, but not at the same time. My body is very sensitive and the boob job would really strain my system. I'll probably get in shape for it and clean up my diet to help me heal faster, too.

.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

I've wanted a tummy tuck and boob job for a long long time, if I didn't have kids I would go for it in a heartbeat! But I am a mommy first and I will never risk my life and not be there for my kids, I don't care how "small" the risk, a risk is a risk, I will live with my small boobs & stretched skin. I feel for that woman's poor kids who will now have to grow up without their mom. And no, I don't blame her at all for her decision, it was hers to make & I am sure like many others she didn't expect the worst case scenario. So sad. 

nonmember avatar Dawn

By the pics she obviously had more than a tummy tuck ( which usually comes with liposuction) and breast implants.... She also had some type of face work done, they don't wrap you like a mummy head to toe for a TT and implants.... But aside from that every time you have any period of Imobility, which is automatic with a TT, you can form blood clots, it's not the surgeons fault.... It's on every single consent firm you will ever sign which is why you need to read them.... And understand that although its not likely, it's a horrid possibility

Graca... Gracalynsmom

 She had neck liposuction too.




court... courtneycatt

I had a tummy tuck and implants done at the same time, it is really better that way you don't want to be put under over and over when it can be done at once.  I am with Dawn on this one, she most likely sat around and didn't walk which could have caused a blood clot.  BTW the doctors warn you of this before and after surgery and at every post op appointment in between.  We need to make people be responsible for their own actions every once in awhile. 

mande... manderspanders

Wow, I really can't believe we have a blame the victim mentality here... Yes, the woman should have been well aware of all the risks and side effects and properly followed orders, as able, to help prevent those issues.  But you can't sit here and blame a blood clot on her... it is an inherent risk of ANY major surgery (including c-sections!).  Many times, when there are issues with a person being able to ambulate post surgery (and it may even just be standard practice anyway at this point regardless), they will receive Lovenox injections or some other type of "blood thinner" to decrease the risk of clots.   This does NOT necessarily have anything to do with a person following post op orders - it can happen regardless. 

This is why (it seems women especially) need to be much better informed about risks vs. benefits of ANY surgery, even elective ones. Major surgery is NEVER easy or risk free; and it's too bad that society makes it seem like it is and that otherwise intelligent peope believe it.

nonmember avatar lm

she needed to move after surgery. i have 2 bots. 2 c-sections, tummy tuck, gastric, & i knew I had to move around or get a blood clot EVERYONE knows there is a risk of death when u decide to do the surgery. YOU MUST read the fine print ... doctors cover their butts with all the paperwork u must sign. also was she a smoker?


I like in miami,where this happened. This whole plastic surgery makeover is very common And especially for women her age. They're just trying to keep up with the Miami life. I feel so sorry for her 14 yr old daughter, who has to step up and take Care of her little brother.

Personally, i think the doctor,did wayyy too much at once.

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