Sarah Palin's New Hairstyle Looks Strangely Familiar -- Who Do You Think She Copied? (PHOTO)

sarah palin
Old haircut ...
Looks like somebody got a new 'do just in time for spring. Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska, former Vice Presidential nominee, and current freedom crusader, was in Houston over the weekend to speak at an NRA convention and debuted not only a shirt that read "women hunt" in pink writing, but a new hairdo, as well.

Palin's sense of style has been a part of her political persona, rightfully or not, since she stepped on the national stage in 2008, and now, five years later, haircut still equals news.

Sarah seems to have cut her bangs, taken a few inches off the bottom, gotten layers, amped up the volume, and dyed a small section blonde.

Sarah's always had enviable hair -- so lush and shiny, dontcha know -- but this latest cut isn't her best. It's just a little helmet-y and, in fact, looks oddly familiar.sarah palin
New haircut.
The length and the bangs are reminiscent of Michelle Obama's haircut, right?

FLOTUS's new 'do was the bang heard 'round the world back in January and was so notable, it was a punchline at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Barack looked pretty good with Michelle's hairstyle, if you ask me.

Maybe Sarah Palin didn't want to be left out of the fun and decided it was only appropriate to exercise her freedom to copy Mrs. Obama's hairstyle before speaking at the NRA convention.

Or maybe she was encouraged by how nice Michelle Duggar's bangs turned out?

Regardless of inspiration, Palin's bangs made a big noise at the gun conference. Chh chh, boom.

Do you like Palin's new style?


Photos via david shankbone/Flickr; Justin Sullivan/Getty

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Priya... Priyankarox

Gorgeous, gracious, gifted Gov. Sarah Palin is slim, smart, stylish, fashionable & fetchingly feminine. Liberated ladies admire her; macho men adore her.

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

God I hope Priya is being sarcastic. And, no that does not look like Michelle Obama's haircut.

caral... caralicious

it kinda looks like the "Rachel"

caral... caralicious

it kinda looks like the "Rachel"

kiri8 kiri8

She looks just like Michelle Bachmann.

nonmember avatar NIkki

I'm not sure about the hair. I think she lookx better with the updo...

nonmember avatar Kbps

How is that haircut in anyway similar to m.o.'s wig? I'm not sure it's the best look for her but bangs were on the way back in before mo. Doesn't anybody watch the music scene or the Disney channel or read people magazine?

nonmember avatar DJ Miller

OMG, is she kidding. Sarah Palin has more class and style in her little finger than mo will ever have!!

Patrick Lambert

How did the classless clown Kevin, get access to the internet without his handler? Kevin wanted to enter an “Ugly” contest, and was told no professionals!

nonmember avatar sara wall

actually sarah palin has had bangs pretty consistently for years so who is copying who?

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