Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June Was the Best-Looking Bride on Reality TV – See for Yourself! (PHOTOS)

mama june and sugar bearWhen we first got word that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo stars Mama June Shannon and Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson were tying the knot, we figured it would more resemble something out of Guns & Ammo than Modern Bride. We were right. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. The couple didn't betray their redneck roots when it came to their big day on May 5 -- and they looked fantastic.


Forget glittering swarovski crystals and chic white silk. The style theme for these nuptials was more along the lines of "smexy" combat cool. Mama wore a camouflage and orange gown with a veil; Sugar Bear sported camo pants, an orange vest, black shirt and tie; and their daughter-turned-flower girl Honey Boo Boo was decked out in a frilly, hot pink pageant gown.

honey boo boo

Guests kept with the down-home dress code wearing fatigues and bright colors. As wacky as it sounds, it was actually a very stylish affair. After they exchanged vows, they couple changed into matching casual duds -- camouflage tees and cropped khaki pants -- before hopping aboard an ATV with a "Just Married" sign and paint cans attached to the back.

I know some may turn their nose up at the details, but it really was a marvelous event. I especially loved the fact that it was so, well, so ...them. That is what makes this so much cooler than a Kardashian wedding or any other on reality TV. This moment was all about the couple, not the cameras. Clearly Mama could care less what the fashion police think. And the shape of the dress actually complemented her figure quite well. She looked every bit the glowing bride or as she would say, "beautimous."

Held at their McIntyre, Georgia home, friends and family noshed on barbecue and sipped cocktails out of mason jars. It looked as though everyone was having a blast, especially the bride and groom. And isn't that what a wedding is all about -- celebrating each other and having fun?

What do you think of their wedding attire?

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