Star's Daughter Wears 'Peekaboo' Dress That Shows Some Serious Skin

georgia may jaggerWow, look who's all grown up! Mick Jagger's daughter Georgia May Jagger attended a charity event wearing an ultra sexy and chic dress with lacy "thigh panels."

Wonder what her daddy would think of that dress?! If he were anything like my husband, he wouldn't have wanted Georgia May to leave the house ... but from a mommy POV, I think she looks gorgeous. And it doesn't really matter what any parents think, because at 21, Georgia is, after all, old enough to vote, drink, and pick her own clothes!

Also, she looks great in this dress: the high neck offsets the sexy bottom, and the hem -- even in the lacy panel part -- isn't really that high. Plus, sheer panels and "peekaboo" cut-outs are definitely a hot trend. Surely you recall the underwearless Gwyneth Paltrow in the Antonio Bernardi gown with sheer side panels that the "Most Beautiful Woman" wore to the Iron Man 3 premiere this week.

This is a great look for a brave woman on the red carpet, but it's also do-able for us regular mortals (with or without stripper butts)! There are a lot of sheer and "cut-out" options that would be perfect in a variety of situations (weekend brunch, work, a June wedding, whatever!), from this lace panel Mango T-shirt:

Mango tee sheer lace

($34.99 at Mango), to this sultry Topshop tank:

 Top Shop sheer tank

($56 at Nordstrom), to this splurgey Diane von Furstenberg lace dress with a semi-sheer yoke:

DVF dress lace

($355 at NeimanMarcus).

The key with this trend is to do as Georgia Jagger does: keep the sexiness to your top or bottom half, and keep the other half ladylike. Underwear, as always, is optional!

Would you dare to do this sheer, cut-out look?

Top image via Splash

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stara... starandseen

This dress is not revealing at all. The article is over-exaggerating. The lace is actually hiding her legs. Short shorts are much worse. And what about shirts that don't cover the huge boobs some people have? Those are much worse. This outfit is actually pretty modest. And she's a pretty girl.

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