Jennifer Lawrence's Makeup-Free Look Was a Big Mistake

Jennifer LawrenceAll right. I'm gonna be brutally honest, here. After seeing Jennifer Lawrence's barely there makeup at the premiere of The Great Gatsby -- I really think choosing to go so light on the eyeliner and eye shadow this time around was a bad idea.

Yes, I know she's young and fresh-faced and has a natural vibe going on and doesn't need a whole lot of makeup to look good. But in this case, especially given the formality of the event, she probably should've gone a bit heavier on the cosmetics.

And I'll tell you why.


Jen is gorgeous, but she also has a baby-faced appearance, so when she doesn't play up her eyes, she looks much younger than she actually is. Granted, for 30- and 40-somethings, this is generally a good thing. But in her case, at 22, she actually looks more like 15 when she chooses to go the minimal makeup (or makeup-free) route. She looks so much less sophisticated -- like she really didn't put any sort of effort in at all.

Here's a photo of the smoky-eyed look she usually wears.

Jennifer Lawrence

So much better, right?

I know putting on makeup can be a chore, and there are days when I definitely wish I didn't have to do it. But as a general rule of thumb, unless I'm headed to the beach or gym -- I never, EVER leave the house without makeup, in particular eye makeup.

Whenever I don't have it on, I look tired, washed-out, and downright plain-Jane. Even if I only have time to dab on a little mascara -- that's better than going out in public wearing nothing at all on my eyes.

Think about it for a second -- what's the first thing you look at when you go to talk to someone? Their eyes, right? And Jennifer's eyes are the first thing I noticed when I saw the pics of her at that premiere, and they jumped out immediately, though not in a good way.

She's such a beautiful girl, and she does the whole smoky-eye thing SO well. She really ought to stick to that look in the future instead of downplaying her features so much. Even if she wears the same eye makeup over and over again, sticking with what works is sometimes a better option than venturing so far off-course.

What do you think of Jennifer's more natural look?


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