Lindsay Lohan Packs 270 Outfits for Rehab Because She Won’t Survive Otherwise

Lindsay LohanI can't. I can NOT. As if it wasn't already clear that Lindsay Lohan is off her damn rocker after the zillion court appearances, car accidents, and nights out partying as it is -- the girl has gone and made me shake my head again. Thankfully it's not another car accident, no. It's packing. Packing for rehab. Wait, let me correct that sentence: Overpacking for rehab.

The star posted the above photo on Instagram yesterday with the caption, "90 days and 270 looks." Yup, there she is sitting on the floor with enough clothes for a year's worth of press appearances and nights out. What woman owns 270 looks? Do you? Am I, like, out of the loop?

Yeah, it may look excessive but let's be real here. LINDSAY NEEDS ALL OF THESE CLOTHES, PEOPLE. Every last tank top. Seriously.


Let's look at the facts here. Lindsay is going to three months of locked rehab. Knowing what I do about Linds (because we're BFFs) -- I highly doubt she's taking this seriously. Sure, she'll go through all the things they make her do because, well, she has to. But without alcohol, drugs, or good rave music -- the star is undoubtedly going to feel a little lost. THAT, my friends, is where the clothes come in.

Lohan needs to focus on something else to keep her sane. That something else is accessorizing. It's matching. It's deciding whether or not to wear a bra with that tan dress. Getting dressed for the day may help curve her cravings for drugs. It's the same sorta high, isn't it? OK. Heck, I know slipping into a pair of good nude pumps always gets my blood pumping.

So yeah, are the 270 looks excessive? Abso-frkin'-lutely. But man, taking a woman out of her element and away from her vices is hard enough as it. Make her leave her clothes behind, too? Not gonna happen.

Can you believe how much Lindsay is packing for rehab?


Image via Instagram

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