Kim Kardashian's Freakout During 'Fish Pedicure' Has Nothing to Do With Pregnancy Hormones


While on a family vacation in Greece, Kim Kardashian uploaded a video of herself squealing, screaming, and begging for it to stop. But it had nothing to do with her sisters or her mother. The pregnant reality star was getting a fish pedicure, the thing where you put your feet in a vat of water and angry little sea creatures come and bite off your dead skin, and was simultaneously horrified and amused.

Never before have I felt so close to Kim -- pretty sure this is exactly how I'd react to the experience, as well.

Also worth noting? I kind of love how Kourtney seems totally entertained by her sister's drama, and whoever is holding the camera yelling "Kimberly" has my seal of approval, too. Is that Khloe? Can't tell.

Anyway, fish pedicures are illegal in at least 14 states, so if you want this experience, off to the Greek Isles you go.

Watch Kim freak the eff out:

I freaked out at this fish pedicure!!!! OMG

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How would you react in this situation?



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bills... billsfan1104

I actually thought this was funny!!! She has gotten huge!!! Not saying its bad, but wow!! I wonder why it's banned here

lobus lobus

Because its.unhygienic and can lead to serious infections. I didn't even get a Mani pedi while I was preggers cause I was scared of infections I can't believe all the vain shit she's doing while pregnant.

Miche... Michelephant

The risk of infection is minimal.  It's only a problem if you have an open cut or sore.  So by that logic you could get an infection from having cut on your foot and walking around barefoot.  So Lobus, unless a pregnant woman hides in a bubble for 9 mos there is nothing completely safe.  So chill out and keep your paranoia to yourself.

Luvmy... Luvmyfam7

@Michelephant, I agree

Samfan97 Samfan97

Michelephant and Luvmyfam7, I'm right there with you guys. There are plenty of things I'll avoid while pregnant but a pedi is an indulgence in which I'm partaking!

fleur... fleurdelys3110

I had a fish pedicure when I was in Paris a few years ago! I freaked out in the beginning just like Kim! I can't say I would do it again, but it was definitely a really cool experience.

Katy Khan

I do this all the time just for the hell of it. First time it takes gettingused to but kim is being over dramatic. Nobody flails and wails like that.


Jenny... JennyG0929

I would react the same way. I got the jeebies just watching it!

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