Miley Cyrus Can't Stop Wearing Obscenely Short Shorts

miley cyrusMiley Cyrus can't stop, won't stop. Won't stop, can't stop. The leggy 20-year-old loves her some short shorts. Before this latest display of barely-there shorts, Miley has been photographed many times showing off her butt-cleavage, so I think it's safe to say that this fad of hers is here to stay.

It's how she'll up the ante each time, though, that'll keep us clicking. I mean, guessing. Same thing.


This go-round, Miley amped up the drama by not only wearing shorts so short they're nonexistent, but a black t-shirt that reads "Sex, Drugs & Rap." She paired her homeless chic outfit with sky-high, silver studded stilettos and a backwards baseball hat. All this to pump some gas in L.A.

I feel like mothers everywhere are yelling: Destiny Hope Cyrus! Put some pants on! But moms, she ain't listening, and she won't be listening, ever. She's too busy being young and free and high on sex, drugs, and rap to care about what you think now. It's too late. She's not Hannah Montana anymore.

So werk, Miley. Keep giving us glimpses of your butt-cleavage all you want. Keep posing topless on magazine covers. Keep drawing attention to yourself in a sexual, boob-grabbing way. Keep keeping us wondering if one day you'll just forgo clothes completely, and head to Whole Foods naked.

You're the gift that keeps on giving. 

Do you like Miley's new sense of style?


Photo via MileyCyrus/Twitter

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