'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Buys Catherine Giudici a Lavish Birthday Gift Because He Feels Guilty

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Well, well, well -- somebody certainly seems to have a keen sense of how to please the ladies. (Out of the bedroom, of course.) Since he's a total gem-of-a-guy, Bachelor Sean Lowe bought Catherine Giudici a handbag for her birthday -- but it's not just any old purse.

Nope. He hooked her up with a Louis Vuitton bag, so now she'll fit in perfectly with all the other designer handbag carrying ladies out in L.A.

And his reasoning for splurging on such a pricey gift is the perfect combination of sweet -- and really sad.

Sean told Us Weekly, "I felt like she's sacrificed a lot to be down here, left her job in Seattle, all that stuff, so I thought I'd get her something really nice. She was happy with it."

Huh. I guess if you give up your job, friends, and family to pick up and move to a new city for the sake of your fiancé's career, a fancy purse is a pretty nice consolation prize.

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OMG! I mean, it's all well and good that he wanted to give her a nice gift -- but does he really think a purse is going to make her any less lonely while he's off grinding all over Peta Murgatroyd doing Dancing With the Stars?

Hmm. On second thought, maybe there are some cool things Catherine can carry around in that bag to make sure she's entertained while Sean is away. Like a good novel, for example. For whatever reason, she strikes me as the bookworm type. Perhaps of copy of Fifty Shades of Grey will help pass the time? (Among other things.)

Or how about some crossword puzzles? Those might be fun. 

Ooh! Or wedding magazines! Yeah, I'm sure that purse is big enough to hold a whole mess of 'em. (Unless Sean bought the smallest and cheapest style, of course.)

Seriously though, I guess there are worse gifts he could've bought for her. If nothing else, at least Catherine will look chic and trendy while she's wandering the streets of L.A. alone.

Do you think a handbag makes up for Sean's absence?


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nonmember avatar pat

no, i just wish he was over with the dwts show-enough is enough-this is a very important time for catherine and sean to spend precious time together, especially before their wedding date-i feel sorry for catherine and am a little upset with sean for not seeing the importance of being with catherine now-not peta and learning new dances-hek, at their wedding sean and catherine should be as natural as possible and dance as they know how-as long as they are in each others arms !

Roberta Howard

I think Sean did not give DWTS much thought as to the amount of his time it would consume. Bet he will be glad when it is over.. 

Lora Maria

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nonmember avatar Josephine

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