Proof Kate Middleton & Prince William May Be Even More Beautiful 50 Years From Now

duke duchess cambridgeKate Middleton is the epitomy of style and class and simple allure. Her husband, Prince William, is absolutely charming and with every passing year, seems to remind us of his mother, Princess Diana, with how openhearted and genteel he is. And while we will always remember how they looked on their wedding day, April 29, 2010, it's not too wild to wonder what they might look like years ... and I mean YEARS from now. After all, the royal couple is destined to be in the public eye for a looong time!

Researcher and artist Nickolay Lamm and Nickolett Mérész of must've been wondering exactly that when they were inspired to create an artistic interpretation of how Kate and Wills might age. The result was definitely a bit mindblowing.


Here, you can see the distinguished couple in all their grey-haired glory.

When I say distinguished, I mean distinguished! Seriously! Who ages THAT gracefully!? Seriously, this older, Helen Mirren-meets-Audrey Hepburn version of Kate Middleton is destined to be a fashion icon, and this hypothetical older Wills totally beats current, kinda awkward in his semi-baldness Wills. (And his dad -- whew, let's not even talk about how much it beats Charles!) What's more, I'm not doubting for an instant that this is very well what they may look like in five decades. Lamm and Mérész's interpretation actually looks incredibly realistic. But wow, color me preemptively jealous. I only wish my fiance and I look that awesome at 80.

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Then again, this is Kate and Wills we're talking about. We already knew they're so good-looking and genetically gifted it hurts. Did we really need an artistic mock-up like this to remind us that won't change no matter how many years go by? Nah.

What do you think of this artistic interpretation of the royal couple in 50 years?

Image via Carfax2/Wikimedia

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