Courtney Stodden Forgets to Wear Pants in Her Worst Look Yet

Courtney StoddenAnother day, another outfit from the closet of teenage bride Courtney Stodden that has us rolling our eyes. The former Couples' Therapy star stepped out with hubby Doug Hutchison for lunch at the Ivy in West Hollywood Monday looking like she was on the prowl. But really. Donning cheetah print, the 18-year-old was dressed to the nines but missing one major thing: Pants. Which doesn't really surprise me because, um HELLO, have you looked at her Twitter background lately? I see London, I see France, WHOA chick is NOT WEARING UNDERPANTS.

Okay. Exhale. But really, WHAT is Stodden doing here? When has anyone ever said that going out in public without pants was an attractive look? Because I'm pretty sure the lady looks silly, not sexy.

Especially with those shoes. Hurumph.


When it comes down to it, there is a huge difference between dressing sexy vs. dressing skanky. Sexy is showing a little cleavage but managing to keep something to the imagination. Sexy is wearing a shorter skirt while covering your bits, and keeping it classy on top by rocking a fitted blazer. Stodden, however, is the master of the skank. Going out in public wearing this sort of dress (I use that term SO sparingly) is just a drastic cry for attention.

And can we just talk about how her husband is, like, all for people oggling her goodies? That in itself is a crime.

Okay. OKAY. Exhaling again. I'd beg someone to hand Court a cover-up, but we all know that she'd just turn it into a matching bra and panties set.

What do you think of Courtney's animalistic look?


Image via Twitter

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