Poor Britney Spears Has a Cellulite Mishap in Short Shorts: 8 Ways She Can Get Rid of It

Britney Spears

D'oh! Something tells me there are times when it really stinks to be a celebrity. Case in point -- these unflattering photos of cellulite on Britney Spears' thighs were snapped as she headed to the gym in L.A. yesterday -- and I'm sure she ain't too thrilled about it, y'all.

I know I wouldn't be too happy if someone posted pictures of the dimples on my ass and thighs online, so I'm definitely feeling her pain and embarrassment on this one.

Let's face it -- cellulite is, in two words, the devil. It's so evil, it doesn't even discriminate based on how slim you are. Just look at Brit, for example. She's in amazing shape right now without an inch to pinch -- but she still has a little bit of cottage cheese going on. (So unfair.)


Seriously -- what's the point of trying to get into svelte shape if your cellulite still won't disappear?

Ok, ok, I'm kidding. There are plenty of reasons to fight the battle of the bulge, regardless of cellulite.

It will be a magical day in the universe when someone invents a pill that will get rid of it once and for all, but until then, here are a few methods you (and Brit) can try for at least minimizing the appearance of cellulite.

  1. Body contouring -- Sure, there are all sorts of pricey procedures promising smoother thighs at high-end spas. But there are also a few less expensive options you can try at home to vacuum your skin to your heart's content. (I may break down and buy one this year. Can't hurt, right?)
  2. Anti-cellulite creams -- This is an economical way to go, simply because there are so many different ranges of creams to fit different budgets. With ingredients like caffeine and amino acids, they can give skin a temporary firmer appearance.
  3. Yoga -- There are people who swear hot yoga helps get rid of cellulite, simply because you sweat the toxins right out of your body. (Worth a shot.)
  4. Shapewear -- Yep. There are now undergarments on the market that claim to fight the dimples while you're at work, out shopping, etc. Sounds a little too good to be true, if you ask me.
  5. Dry brushing -- OMG. Even Madonna's private yoga instructor swears by it. Supposedly it increases circulation and helps detox your bod.
  6. Body wraps -- Ok, so from the looks of these things, you gotta reallllly want to get rid of your bumps to try them. But if they work, it's probably worth it? (I'll sport tin foil from head-to-toe if it guarantees a firmer bod.)
  7. Massage -- Deep tissue massage, in particular, is said to help make connective tissue under the skin more flexible, which lessens the appearance of cellulite.
  8. Clean diet -- Cutting back on sugar and salt may help make cellulite less visible. Or at least that's what Dr. Oz says. And drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day helps too.

Do you have cellulite? Have you found anything that helps reduce its appearance?


Image via steven.ishiwara/Flickr

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