Kendall Jenner Shows Her Butt in Bikini Pic That Looks Eerily Like Kim Kardashian (PHOTO)


kendall jennerKim Kardashian's little sister, Kendall Jenner, is hot. Super duper hot. But she rarely shows her, ah, Kardashian-side, typically opting for more, ah, clothing. But Kendall decided to throw modesty to the wind recently when she posted scantily-clad photos of herself to Instagram. And by "scantily", I mean her ass was like, "what up, yo!"

Okay, first, let's just get this out there: Kendall looks good. Incredible, actually. And not to sound creepy or anything here, but I'd kill for a behind like that. Sweet Jesus is this girl in shape! And that hair -- Christ. You know what? I actually think I'd take the hair over the butt. Controversial, yes, but(t) I'm a sucker for shiny locks. 

And here's the thing about Kendall's sexy photoshoot: Although she's only wearing a teeny-tiny bikini, she doesn't look as -- how do I say this -- trashy as a certain Kardashian sister would if she posted similar pics of herself. Maybe it's because of the Instagram effect Kendall used, or maybe it's because she's smiling in the photo to the left, looking like she's in a Billabong or OP advertisement, but I don't look at these shots and roll my eyes.

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That said, I'm sure big sis Kim is beaming with pride for Kendall right now. Posting sexy photos of yourself to the Internet -- it's the Kardashian way. Way to carry on the legacy, Kendy!

What do you think of Kendall's bikini shots?


Image via Kendall Jenner/Instagram



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nonmember avatar damien

doesnt look as trashy? the mere fact she has been putting have half nudes online for years while underage leans trash even if a few are decent

nonmember avatar PEOPLE

SHE'S NOT A KARDASHIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

she needs a hamburger...too damn skinney :( Why do women want to be this thin??? it's not healthy...

Megan... MeganJune03

THANK YOU Nonmember PEOPLE!!!! She is a JENNER.... The Kardashians are her half sisters! Also, she is underage! I would kill (not literally) my daughter if she posted images like this of herself online!

BGarcel BGarcel

Not too damn skinny. From the pictures one can tell she works out and has a small frame. She looks healthy to me.

nonmember avatar hugs

I thought she was still under 18 but since i don't really follow them I thought maybe I was wrong. Surely we are not promoting children taking pics with their @ss out right??! RIGHT??!!??!

nonmember avatar janice vincent

Just a thought -- shouldn't she be in school sometime!! instead of spending all her hours taking photos of herself? One weird so disappointed in Bruce Jenner. Hard to believe he used to be such a fantastic athlete...sure isn't much of a father. My son would not allow his daughter out of the house with that makeup and a bikini like that! cuz he's a GOOD dad.

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