Nina Dobrev & Julianne Hough Flaunt Sexy Bikini Bodies & Show They Should Both Star in '50 Shades' Movie

nina dobrevVampires aren't usually this tan, but Nina Dobrev's got a gorgeous vacation glow going on thanks to her girls' getaway in Miami. The Vampire Diaries star just wrapped season 4 of the show and was spotted having some fun in the sun this past weekend with Julianne Hough and other girlfriends.


There are countless ways to be envious of their beautiful weekend, but let's start with Nina's beachside style. One day she's wearing a blue tie-dye bikini, the next a pink tie-dye bikini -- Nina clearly knows what swimsuit works best for her and opted to get it in two colors. Smart!

And her off-white, woven fedora is as playful and trendy as it is functional. Protecting one's face from the sun is of the utmost importance, especially if that face works in an industry where youth is a commodity. Her oversized sunglasses also serve a fashionable and functional purpose -- as does Julianne's hat and sunnies.

Nina's straight hair is the ultimate beach accessory (so smooth and so frizz free!) and that delicious smorgasbord of sweets they ordered looks amazing, too.nina dobrev

While it does seem that Nina's hiding her stomach in all the pictures, I'd venture to guess that's less about a baby and more about some post-meal beach bloat. Regardless, she looks perfect to us. So perfect, in fact, that she would surely make a flawless Anastasia Steele in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Same with Julianne Hough, for that matter.

It doesn't look like co-star turned boyfriend Ian Somerhalder made the trip, but maybe he was back at the hotel studying lines? A Christian Grey hopeful's work is never done.

Do you love Nina's beach style?


Photo via Ninadobrev/Instagram; JulesHough/Instagram

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