Kaley Cuoco's Hairdo Was Bad but for Good Reason (VIDEO)

Kaley CuocoSo bangs are hot these days ... except when they're not. Take Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco who made a big old bang with her bangs at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in January -- and not a good one.

If you recall, they were bad. Really bad. They took up a good portion of her head, were obviously fake, and she got crucified for them. I think someone who referred to them as "some kind of protective space helmet" was on the mild end of things.  In fact, the actress herself says the reaction from fans and media was so bad, those bangs almost ruined her entire career.

Little did we know at the time, however, that there was a very good reason she was trying to rock them. One that will probably make you feel a little bad if you mocked her for them.


She recently told Jimmy Kimmel that she wore them because she had a black eye and had received six stitches. She was embarrassed about the injuries, which she incurred while filming Big Bang Theory just days before. Instead of not showing up, she put on her big girl pants ... and the regrettable bangs. She told Kimmel:

I have a group of people that I pay to tell me 'no,' or to say, 'don't do that.' A bunch of [stylists] said, 'Let's maybe not do the bangs,' but I wanted to wear them because it covered my eye, and I was really insecure about this huge black eye.

Awww, poor thing. Let's face it, we've all had to sacrifice fashion at some point to cover up something. Maybe it's too thick foundation to hide some pimples or closed-toe shoes that don't really go with an outfit because our pedicure (or lack thereof) would scare people in the sandals that really do. So I feel for her.

At least she has a sense of humor about it. She's since nicknamed the bangs "Bev",  and she enlisted Jimmy's help to help her say goodbye to Bev once and for all. Bonjour, Bev. Let's hope we never see her again.

Have you ever made a less-than-desirable fashion choice to hide something?


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