'Mom Jeans' Make a Comeback but That's No Excuse for Wearing Them

mom jeansPlease, for the love of all that's good and holy -- don't tell me mom jeans are suddenly stylish again. (Were they ever, really?)

Yes, mom jeans -- as in jeans that sit so high up on your waist they practically cover your bra line. As in jeans that make us look old, frumpy, and like we've given up on looking remotely presentable simply because we have children.

And if you thought the mom jeans thing died out a long time ago, think again. Believe it or not, Topshop is selling high-waisted jeans, and calling them mom jeans like it's a good thing -- and it scares me to think there are women out there who might actually purchase them.


They're called the MOTO Bleach Acid Mom Jean -- and they're pretty hideous. I mean, if you're going to sell mom jeans -- at least call 'em something else so moms like me (a gal who still likes to consider herself somewhat hip) aren't immediately turned off by the title. 

Ok, so I'm not saying higher-waisted jeans are bad in general, because the low-rise ones that expose your butt crack (among other things) are actually way worse than mom jeans ever were or ever will be.

But there are high-waisted jeans, and then there are mom jeans. And I don't care what anyone says -- they're two entirely different things.

Take this pair of Levi's from Macy's, for example.

high waisted jeans


Sure, they sit a bit higher on the mid-section. But they're still stylish and don't resemble something Steve Urkel would wear. I'd throw on a pair of these. (Maybe.)

Ok, back to mom jeans and why I loathe them as much as I do. I think what it really boils down to is the frump factor. They just don't look good -- plain and simple. They do nothing to accentuate your curves. And they make your hips and butt look about 10 times bigger than they actually are. Even though they might be more comfortable than some lower-rise versions of denim, they aren't at all flattering -- which is why I can't think of any possible excuse to wear them other than not caring about whether or not I look fashionable.

But I do care (I'm shallow like that), so at least for now, there's no way I'm putting on a pair of mom jeans. (Feel free to ask me again in about 20 years though.)

Do you wear mom jeans?


Images via Topshop/Macy's

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