Britney Spears Wears Same Outfit 3 Times in 5 Days but That's Not Her Biggest Problem

britney spearsBritney Spears has a new obsession, and it's not good. The pop star has been spotted wearing the same outfit on three different occasions, making us all wonder, technically speaking, what the shit is up with that. Her new favorite outfit is brown high top sneakers, black leggings, and an empire-waist tunic with a chevron pattern. She's got the top in two colors, guys, so you know she must really love it.

And believe it or not, there's actually more to discuss.


Britney's not off base with this idea of a uniform. If there's an article of clothing you love, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying it in multiple colors. In fact, there's nothing wrong with wearing it multiple days in a row, either. It's tre European. I'll say it: I've worn the same pair of jeans all week and the same shirt two days in a row. Might even wear it again tomorrow. If it works (and it doesn't smell ... a lot), there is no shame in the repeat-outfit game.

But, Britney does make one mistake. Wear the same outfit a billion times in a row, sure, but make sure if you're going to do that, the look is one that's flattering.

The single mom of two has an enviable figure, but this tunic shirt does nothing to show it off. It blouses out over her hips and, just, nah ah. Not good. Also, the whole ensemble is very early two thou. Long shirts and leggings aren't really, truly in style anymore.

If you're going to threepeat an outfit, just be certain it's a good one.

Do you wear the same thing multiple days in a row?


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