Amanda Bynes Shaves Her Head & Now It's Definitely Time for an Intervention (PHOTOS)

amanda bynes shaved headThere sadly comes a point in most troubled young starlets' lives when they officially go off the deep end. And that point is typically punctuated or foreshadowed with them shaving their head. First, an umbrella-wielding Britney Spears did it -- and it was all downhill from there. And now Amanda Bynes has gone and done it. That's right, Amanda Bynes shaved her head.


It was only a few days ago that the What I Like About You star was walking around town with super long, matted blonde extensions. And while it wasn't a good look, a true sign of danger in an already troubled starlet seems to be the drastic altering of their appearance. Amanda has already undergone a series of radical physical transformations -- the crazy weave; the cheek piercings; the false eyelashes that look like they were glued on by a one-armed blind man -- but now she's gone one step further and shaved her head. Actually, she shaved half her head a la Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and every hipster in Brooklyn who's really committed.

Amanda posted a photo of her new 'do to Twitter, along with the caption: "I buzzed half my head like [singer] @cassie! No more old photos! This is the new me! I love it!" Now, if she really loves it, that's great. But let's be real here -- this isn't a girl who's freeing herself of the traditional ideas of what's beautiful on a woman; this is a girl who needs help. Immediately.

I really hope that this is the impetus for the people who know and love Amanda to finally step in and do something. It feels weird and wrong that she's running around town, acting like a lunatic, and everyone's just sitting back, watching. If her piercing her face wasn't a cry for help, her shaving her head certainly is. What comes next can't be good.

amanda bynes shaved head

What do you think of Amanda shaving her head?

Images via Amanda Bynes/Twitter

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