‘Girls’ Star Actually Manages to Make Side-Boob Look Classy

lena dunhamNot that I know how it feels, but I'm pretty sure that being named one of Time's 100 most influential people must feel effing boss. Girls creator and star Lena Dunhan made the cut and beamed from the inside out at the gala celebrating the noteworthy honorees. In a sparkly green St. Laurent cocktail dress with a bejeweled belt, the 26-year-old showed off some side-boob and then some on the red carpet.


Some people might be a little uncomfortable exposing so much skin, but Lena's used to it. Not only is she generally without clothing on her hit HBO show, but she's no stranger to wearing very little in her real life, too.

This past fall, she wore a shirtdress ... well, just a shirt, really, to an event in L.A. that showed a lot of leg. A lot. So much so, in fact, that people wondered if she'd forgotten her pants.

Lena later admitted that there was something wrong with that outfit, but it wasn't the length, nor the alleged missing pants. She confessed she had accidentally worn the dress backwards. Whoops.

Pants on this time, she showed off a lacy black bra on the cover of Rolling Stone, but went virtually pantless again for a cheeky photoshoot.

Unexpectedly or not, the actress' best look was her 2012 Emmys dress. Covered head to toe, she looked alluring, glamorous, and like she smelled nice.

Do you like Lena's sexy look?


Photo via Splash News

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