Gretchen Rossi’s 9-Carat Engagement Ring Is Pretty But Wait, Isn’t Slade Broke? (VIDEO)

gretchen rossiReal Housewives of Orange County cast member Gretchen Rossi is engaged to boyfriend Slade Smiley. Yay. What wonderful news. The pair have been dating for four years, and apparently, it was Gretchen who proposed to Slade. A few days later, he presented her with a 9-carat yellow and white diamond engagement ring and Gretchen gave him a rhodium and black diamond engagement band.

I'm just a little confused. Wasn't this the couple last season who was stressing over medical bills and child support for Slade's son, and who decided they couldn't get married until his finances were in order?


I guess I don't understand how you go from being in debt to buying a 9-carat diamond ring, but frankly, Gretchen and Slade seem so obsessed with appearances that it wouldn't surprise me if they threw his money problems into the wind and got the biggest, brightest ring just to prove that they're something they're not.

Let's be real. I think we can all safely assume that Gretchen Christine Beauté (LOL) isn't swimming in profits (I mean, have you ever seen it anywhere besides on the show?), and Slade's slimy new radio show in which he gossips about Housewives doesn't seem to me like a real bread winner, so I'm just a little curious where this money for the ring came from.

But! Who gives a shit. These two are pretty disgusting, if you ask me, and can spend the money they do or don't have as much or as little as they please.

That said, reality stars and their enormous rings have a rocky relationship. It would seem that the larger the stone, the longer the divorce proceedings. Right, Kim?

Take a look at Gretchen and Slade's new bling: Love it? Hate it?

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