Bethenny Frankel's Between-Seasons Outfit Is One We All Need to Copy (PHOTO)

bethenny frankelOkay, so right now, for most of us, it's not quite hot out/no longer cold. We're in what's dubbed an "in-between" season. During this time, many of us eager folk longing for summer (where the balls is it already?!) have a tendency to step out in things like flip-flops and t-shirts only to say, "Oh, my god, it's freezing out!" Note: It's not freezing out. It's just not all that warm yet. And you're practically naked. But wearing a parka and boots right now is rigoddamndiculous! So what are we to do? We're to dress like Bethenny Frankel, that's what!

Feast your eyes on Bethenny's "it's not summer/not winter/not fall/not spring" look and take note. This outfit is adorable and it makes sense.

Part I: A light jacket. What kind of jacket to wear this time of year is always an issue. Not many of us own (stylish) in-between jackets, yet it's too cool to go jacketless. A thicker blazer in a neutral color is the perfect outerwear this time of year -- and if you want it to, it can also serve as part of your outfit.

Part II: A scarf. You: But scarves are for winter! Me and Bethenny: No they're not! A light pashminy-looking scarf is perfect if your neutral blazer isn't quite cutting it.

Part II: Peep-toe shoes. Notice Bethenny isn't wearing full-on open-toed sandals here, but still, she's showing some toe. She's likely not freezing, and it's as if she and her feet are saying: We're ready for spring.

All in all, I'd say Bethenny did a pretty bang-up job on her outfit. The jacket, the scarf, the shoes. It's a perfect in-between look. Now let's all copy her!

What's your in-between season look?

Image via Splash

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Allison St. Pierre

God I hate skinny jeans.  Can we move on from that trend please?

lani0410 lani0410

...and that outfit sure won't get her "Mother of the Year" award.  Can anyone say streetwalker?  Hope whoever determines her a "fit mother" doesn't see that look on Bethenny...Pass the brains, please!


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