Bethenny Frankel's Between-Seasons Outfit Is One We All Need to Copy (PHOTO)

bethenny frankelOkay, so right now, for most of us, it's not quite hot out/no longer cold. We're in what's dubbed an "in-between" season. During this time, many of us eager folk longing for summer (where the balls is it already?!) have a tendency to step out in things like flip-flops and t-shirts only to say, "Oh, my god, it's freezing out!" Note: It's not freezing out. It's just not all that warm yet. And you're practically naked. But wearing a parka and boots right now is rigoddamndiculous! So what are we to do? We're to dress like Bethenny Frankel, that's what!

Feast your eyes on Bethenny's "it's not summer/not winter/not fall/not spring" look and take note. This outfit is adorable and it makes sense.


Part I: A light jacket. What kind of jacket to wear this time of year is always an issue. Not many of us own (stylish) in-between jackets, yet it's too cool to go jacketless. A thicker blazer in a neutral color is the perfect outerwear this time of year -- and if you want it to, it can also serve as part of your outfit.

Part II: A scarf. You: But scarves are for winter! Me and Bethenny: No they're not! A light pashminy-looking scarf is perfect if your neutral blazer isn't quite cutting it.

Part II: Peep-toe shoes. Notice Bethenny isn't wearing full-on open-toed sandals here, but still, she's showing some toe. She's likely not freezing, and it's as if she and her feet are saying: We're ready for spring.

All in all, I'd say Bethenny did a pretty bang-up job on her outfit. The jacket, the scarf, the shoes. It's a perfect in-between look. Now let's all copy her!

What's your in-between season look?

Image via Splash

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