Emily Maynard’s Insane Skincare Routine Is So Expensive It Might Make Her Go Broke

emily maynardIf you see a gorgeous woman with glowing, youthful skin begging for money on the streets, it's former Bachelorette Emily Maynard. The reality star and new blogger recently posted which skincare products she uses and openly admits that she'll eat ramen every night just so she can continue to afford the best of the best in terms of anti-aging products.

Emily's beauty routine isn't for the faint of heart, nor the broke of wallet, so proceed with caution.


Her morning routine goes like this. She writes:

1. Wash with CeraVe Hydrating cleanser
2. Two drops of Skinceuticals Phloretin CF Serum (I can tell a huge difference in my skin when I use this. Helps with fine lines.)
3. One drop of Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Serum (My skin gets dry ... if yours doesn't you can probably skip this)
4. La Mer Eye Balm Intense
5. CeraVe AM Lotion or La Mer Soft Cream if I need extra hydration

Her nightly routine is just as intense. Emily says:

1. Wash with Skinceuticals Clarifying Cleanser using my Clarisonic
2. Every other night I use retinoid pads I get from Charlotte Skin & Laser (If you're not using a retinoid, START ASAP)
3. Two drops of Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Serum (My skin is prone to breakouts and this has helped a lot. If you're not, you can probably skip this step)
4. La Mer Eye Balm
5. CeraVe PM Lotion or La Mer Soft Cream if I need extra hydration

Emily puts a disclaimer on her post and reminds people that as a 27-year-old single mother, she can't afford many of these products, and that her mother buys it for her.

I mean, her morning routine contains $585 worth of products, her nighttime routine costs $417, which brings us to a combined total of $1,002. That's a lot of skin-changing cheddar.

I commend Em, though, for investing in something she believes in and taking time to do something that makes her happy. Applying lotions and potions can be really zen-like, and as any mom will tell you, finding a few moments to do something totally selfish (in a good way) can make or break one's sanity.

Emily's skin and her mental health benefit from her beauty routine. And yeah, even if she does go broke, she'll be the best looking homeless person there ever was.

Do you invest in skincare products?


Photo via emilygmaynard/Instagram

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