Dove Parody Ad Hilariously Shows How Men Think They're Better Looking Than They Really Are (VIDEO)

dove parody adYou know that brilliant and poignant Real Beauty ad Dove recently unveiled? The one where women are asked to describe themselves to a man drawing their portrait? And they describe themselves as being far less attractive than others see them? It was sad and touching and, really, so telling about how skewed women's views of themselves are.

Well, now there's a new one. Only this time it's with dudes.


The "ad" is a parody, and in it, the men describe how they think they look, and not totally surprisingly, they explain themselves as being far better-looking than they really are. They actually think they look like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and a "white Denzel Washington". It's hilarious. Check it out:

I think my favorite juxtaposition is, "A lot of people say my eyes are an abyss, because they just don't end," and "His eyes are ... rapey, if that makes any sense." Brilliant.

Now, although this video is insanely funny, it actually does highlight a sad but true fact: Men are far less critical of their looks than women are of theirs. Why are we so nit-picky, ladies? Is it because we're constantly bombarded with images of gorgeous air-brushed women who popped out six kids four days prior? Is it because certain magazines publish images of women's cellulite highlighted and blown up? How on earth did this happen?

I think this Dove parody video only furthers something we women already know: We need to be easier on ourselves, girls. Dudes are. And look at how well they sleep at night.

Do you think men are easier on themselves than women?


Image via newfeelingstime/YouTube

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