NeNe Leakes' See-Through Blouse Is a Sheer Disaster (PHOTO)

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NeNe LeakesWhen it comes to following fashion trends, the rules don't always apply to everyone. One of the biggest "Do" trends for spring and summer? The sheer blouse. Leave it to the queen of reality TV NeNe Leakes to take on this look herself. I'll be honest with you ... it's not awesome.

OK, that's an understatement. While I adore NeNe and the fact that she has some real acting talent unlike some of her other Housewives costars, she looks horrible. Instead of looking fashion forward, the woman looks like she didn't think you could see that bra under there. It's like she's channeling her inner Soul Train backup dancer. And with those ripped jeans?! Woof.

Going see-through doesn't have to be a no-no like NeNe. Want to try this trend but not end up on the worst dressed list? Lucky for you, I've got some pointers.

First things first, buying a cute sheer shirt isn't the hard part here. The blouses are on sale everywhere from Forever 21 and H&M to Sears and Macy's. Once you find a style you like, the focus needs to be on what you're going to wear UNDER it.

If you want to wear a sheer shirt to the office, you're going to need to cover up. That means pairing your sheer top with a tank top or layering it with a blazer or jean jacket, pending how casual your environment is.

When it comes to a night out with the girls or weekend wear, though, sheer can be a lot more flirtatious and fun. The necessary component to the perfect sheer look: the right bra. I don't recommend rocking a classic little number like NeNe. Instead, opt for a bandeau or something with more structure.

I also wouldn't recommend going that sheer. If you're trying to class things up, look for tops that have a pattern or some lace to them to provide more coverage. Sure, sheer is in, but looking nearly naked can NEVER look classy in public -- no matter how you slice it.

Are you a fan of the sheer blouse trend? How do you wear yours?


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Dorothy Pilos

She looks amazing!!!  I don't see a problem. Way to go glammal.


nonmember avatar Beth

Different bra..this would be great. She is big busted so a great strapless with a cute bandeau over it. I love her

Cathy Groh

I think she looks fabulous!

Rhonda Johnson Lowery

It's not like she is flashing bare breasts!  Good grief people.  She looks fabulous as always!

Barbara Bailey Richardson

I think that she looks just fine, I like her better in this than that horrible dress on the reunion show! More importantly You  can see that she Feels Great!  And isn't that the most important thing!

Lisa Jo Larry Kendrick

her wearing that shirt isn't any worse than big pregnant women wearing skin tight clothes. 

Lisa Arrington

I've seen much worse in Jersey and OC.

Norma Starnes Sawyer

she looks like she lost weight.  So what, wear what you want!


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