Jennifer Lawrence's New Hairdo Shows That Long Hair Is Out (PHOTO)

jennifer lawrenceHunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence debuted a new hairstyle over the weekend at the GLAAD awards. The actress followed in the footsteps of many of her Hollywood colleagues and chopped a good amount of hair off, leaving her with a bouncy, shaggy bob. She also lightened her tresses to a golden honey color, and shocker -- it looks fantastic.

Jennifer has one of those faces that would look good with any hairstyle -- long, short, straight, wavy, red, blue, green -- but what she's got going on right now looks tremendous. And it further illustrates that long hair is out. Really, it is! (What should we do, guys? Group cut?)

Jen's lovely face aside, I do appreciate the fact that she decided to lighten up the tone of her hair after (or before I guess?) cutting it. Some people can get away with short, dark hair -- and I'm sure Lawrence would be one of them -- but I tend to think lighter hair goes better with a bob. Looks less severe; a bit more playful. 

So, nice going, Jennifer's stylist. The new look is adorable. Now, would you mind popping on over to my place? I've been doing my own hair with a butter knife and lemon juice for the past few years, and let me tell you: Not a good look.

Do you like Jennifer Lawrence's new hair?

Image via Splash

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cassi... cassie_kellison

I really like her hair, but I know that as soon as I try to follow the trend and cut my hair, Long hari will be back in, so I am leaving it for now! haha

Aeris... AerisKate

Long hair will never be out of style.  Certain specific types of cuts might go out of style, but in general, both long hair and short hair will always be in style. 

Kristen Friedland

Love Jennifer Lawrence!  She looks fantastic--adore the new haircut!  I am a huge fan and would love for other fans to visit my FB fan page--thanks!

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