8 Natural Beauty Treatments Celebrities Love

jennifer aniston cuppingWhen Jennifer Aniston appeared at a red carpet event recently with faint cupping marks on her back, the Internet basically exploded. Cupping! Jennifer Aniston! What does it all mean!? But if you'll think back a ways, you may remember that Jennifer isn't the first celeb to walk the red carpet sporting cupping marks. Back in 2004, Gwyneth Paltrow showed up at a New York film premiere with red blotches down her back from the treatment. Celebs. They're weird, I tell ya.

Actually, cupping isn't all that weird. It's pretty great, to be honest. It's an alternative medicine practice that's believed to promote healing by mobilizing your blood flow. You should try it. But maybe don't wear a strapless dress afterwards.

And speaking of alternative medicine, here are 8 "natural practices" celebs have been known to take part in. They may be unconventional, but they supposedly make you really pretty.


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  • Placenta for All



    Celebs like Eva Longoria and Madonna are rumored to be fans of placenta products. EMK Placental Skin Care manufactures creams and eye gels that contain, yes, placenta in them. They reportedly do wonders for sagging skin.

  • Snake Venom Cream


    Celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, and Fergie reportedly use a snake venom wrinkle cream by famed Beverly Hills dermatologist Sonya Dakar that prevents muscles from contracting all the way.

  • Leech Therapy


    Demi Moore famously announced to David Letterman years ago that she took part in Leech Therapy -- a process in which leeches bite you, and suck your blood. She claims it made her feel "very detoxified".

  • Black Sheep Embryo Treatment




    Blondie's Debbie Harry thanks injections taken from black sheep embryos for her youthful appearance. She said: "I thought, 'Wow, this is so logical.' You have fresh cells. They made injections from the embryos of black sheep." Whatever you say, Blondie.

  • Drinking Ghee




    If you watch Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, you probably noticed Kourtney Kardashian drinking butter one morning -- well, it was ghee (a type of clarified butter). Kourtney said about starting her day each morning with a cup of ghee: "I drink a teaspoon of liquid ghee first thing every morning and then wait 20 minutes before eating or drinking anything. The oil has been great for my hair and skin. I don't think it’s for everyone though."

  • Dunk Your Face in Ice Water


    Here's an easy one! Kate Hudson reportedly dunks her face in a bucket of freezing cold water in order to get a glow. Hey, we can do that!

  • The Acupuncture Facelift



    Gwyneth, Cher, and Madonna are all rumored to be fans of the acupuncture facelift, a procedure in which super-fine needles are used to target any problem areas on the face and neck that may be contributing to underlying health issues.

  • Bee Venom Facials




    Kate Middleton and Camilla are supposedly fans of bee venom facials, which have been described as an "organic alternative to Botox". Apparently, the venom plumps up skin and smooths fine lines.

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