Heather Locklear Smears Something Truly Disgusting on Her Face to Keep It Wrinkle-Free (VIDEO)

heather locklearHeather Locklear is one of those women you look at and are just confused. How the crap does the 51-year-old actress look that good? Is it good genes? A really good plastic surgeon who's careful to not make her look too "done"? Good genes and a good plastic surgeon? Who knows? Probably a little of both. But another beauty secret in Heather Locklear's arsenal is semen, apparently.

Locklear recently had an impromptu interview with TMZ reporters, and when they asked what keeps her looking so fresh and revitalized, she replied with: "You just put semen on your face."

Oh. Okay.

It's hard to tell whether or not Locklear is joking (kind of seem[en]s like she is), but there actually is some credence to the claim that spooge can keep skin looking unlined and youthful. Spermine, which is found in semen, is rich with antioxidants and can help treat wrinkles. Some salons even offer sperm facials at around $250 a pop -- which, yes, is totally weird when you think about it. (And we know, dudes, you "can give a sperm facial for free." Ha. Ha.) But would you smear sperm on your face if you knew it was going to give you Locklear-like skin? (And, question: How exactly are they getting the spermine for these facials?)

Personally, I'd have to go with a "thanks, but no thanks" on this one. I've done some weird shit in the name of beauty in my day (eyelash perm, anyone?), but a sperm facial is where I draw the line. Oh, and a bird poop facial, too. I'll stick to Cetaphil and my trusty Kate Somerville moisturizer, thanks.

Check out Heather's sage beauty advice. Would YOU get a semen or bird poop facial?


Image via TMZ

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eupeptic eupeptic

While it's likely to be more sanitary (meaning less bacteria and/or viruses, assuming the semen was from healthy animals/people) than a mud bath (for example), I'd prefer not to. Also, just keeping yourself adequately hydrated is likely to have a greater effect on the health of your skin than many/most facial treatments.

Also, spiritual energy can also have a significant impact on one's health, though one typically needs to become more spiritually aware (e.g., educate yourself on the matter) to receive such benefits. (Knowing that you can improve your health spiritually and being appreciative of the benefits you can receive are quite important.)

hello... hellokd87

My fiancee's gonna LOOOOOVE this article :-P

Cel7777 Cel7777

I would if the semen was from my hubby and I knew there was a benefit to it. Why not? Def not from some random dude though.

LoinND LoinND

If you're in a serious relationship I can only guess your already getting these... lol - now I will be able to say, when I am an old lady, when people ask, hey granny how do you keep that dewey freash complextion? I will say it's the same reason gramps always has a smile on his face - hahahaha... he will smile even bigger when I get old enough for dentures ; )

Mrs.A... Mrs.AdamSarah

I would probably try it, its more natural than the chemical laden stuff people put on thier faces. I don't see why anyone would go somewhere else if they have a man tho. Then again people use sperm to have kids from donors so it doesn't make that much of a difference to me...

anono... anonomyssy

Hmmm...Eminence products are great, and more convenient...just sayin'...less hassle to just open the jar, you know?  Especially when we're fighting...BTW I'd have to trade skin care for any action I'd get otherwise...no thanks.

Graca... Gracalynsmom

I showed my husband this article, he said $250?! Hell, tell them to line up right here. :) lmao

Melan... MelanieJK

lol exactly what I was thinking....   it's widely available for free so how can they get that for it? 

I'd probably use the bird poop if I was sure it was safe,   had proof that it actually works,   and that there wasn't something that worked just as well that wasn't as icky or expensive.     It's always curious what prompts them to try these things.    Did someone accidently get pooped on and observed they looked younger?!    

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