New Dove Ad Compares How Women See Themselves vs. Strangers & the Difference Is Shocking

doveThese days, the conversation about women is dominated by how we balance family with workplace goals and success. But I think there is an equally important topic we need to discuss -- how we feel about the way we look. I know it sounds a bit superficial, but the heart of this matter goes beyond hair color or what kind of lash-extending mascara to buy. It's about the fact that very few of us are truly happy with the way we look and what that really means for us. Dove's new beauty experiment tries to show how tragically skewed the perception of ourselves really is. It's sure to bring tears to your eyes. Take a look.


Women were asked to go into a room and describe themselves to an artist who drew them from that description. Later, someone they had just met also described them. The two sketches couldn't be more different. The women's words painted pictures of sad, overweight, or homely people, when that was far from the case. What other people saw were beautiful, radiant beings. It was clearly a painful moment when these women realized just how they saw themselves.

It's profound, to say the least. There are so many things working against our self-confidence, even if we don't recognize that it's happening. Perhaps a parent commented on a large nose when you were a child or a friend once poked fun at your stringy hair -- those things tend to stay with us and can affect every aspect of our lives. It almost ensures low self-confidence or unconsciously projecting the persona of someone who feels unattractive or inferior.

We can be so harsh and self-deprecating when it comes to our looks and our bodies (myself included). Sometimes we make quips that we pass off as jokes, but we really do have a lot of issues with ourselves. In a way, I think it’s about emotional self-preservation. If we talk about our flaws, we won’t be hurt by the fact that others probably notice them too. But this video was such an eye opener. It shows how much we are actually hurting ourselves.

How did this video make you feel?

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