6 Beauty Rituals I Quit After Having Kids but Vow to Start Doing Again

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6 beauty rituals to reclaim after having kidsI was never a "full-face make-up every day" kind of girl before I had kids, but I certainly took better care of myself. Now that I have four children, I admit that I've ditched a lot of my beauty routine, mostly due to time.

Sleep or shaving? Yes, it's come to that, as it does for so many moms.

But when I take care of myself and my appearance, I feel better and have a more positive attitude. So here are a few simple beauty rituals I'll be reclaiming, even if I have to force myself to.

1. Wash my face

Yep, confession time. I don't wash my face every day, even if I'm wearing make-up. Don't yell at me! I have always had great skin so it's never been an issue, but I know it's bad. I might not be able to do it in the morning, but at night time, it's a must.

2. Shave my legs

It's springtime, which means shorts and skirts and exposed legs, oh my! In the winter, I tend to let the shaved leg thing go because no one is going to see them, but now, I just can't. Every time I shower means I have to shave, no question. And that means the thighs too. (I can't be the only one who does up to the knees in a time crunch, right?).

3. Wear make-up

Really, how hard is it to spend five minutes a day putting on some BB cream, mascara, blush, and lip gloss? It's not! So I'm going to make myself do it. I've found that if I have the products out and ready as part of my routine, it's so much easier.

4. Put SPF on my face

I've heard mixed reports about using a face lotion with SPF, which doesn't really matter anyway since I don't always remember to put it on. But last weekend, I stopped by the Kiehl's counter and bought this amazing moisturizer with sunscreen that's super light and gentle. So far, so good. 

5. Exfoliate

I'm lucky if I get a shower every day, let alone remember to do any sort of exfoliation of my body and face. But the truth is, I feel so much better when I do. I decided to treat myself to a fancy sugar scrub (on sale at Walgreen's!) and wow, I feel so much better.

6. Wear a scent

I'm allergic to perfume, so I can't really wear it, but there are lots of light scents out there (I'm a citrus girl) that I'm perfectly fine with. I love the idea of having a signature smell -- other than sweat, and children -- and it's not that hard to spray myself before I run out the door.

What beauty rituals have you let go after having kids?


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redK8... redK8blueSt8

I stopped fixing my hair and wearing makeup after having my first kid. I'm a SAHM so I figured nobody saw me most days so why bother? Then I noticed that I started feeling frumpy and blah all the time, and connected it to how I looked, which was frumpy and blah! Then it occurred to me, that I see me! When the reflection in the mirror bums me out that's not good.

Lol, oddly enough, I always shaved my legs warm or cold weather, because my husband sees me (and notices/appreciates the smooth legs). I never put the hair and makeup in that line of thinking though.

nonmember avatar mon

i never shave my legs. summer or winter i could care less. my husband doesn't care as long as i shave my pits. ;) i never wear makeup cause i could care less what my face looks like i'm happy with myself the way i am..

zaksm... zaksmommy12

I am glad that I am not the only one that shaves up to my knees when I don't really have time. The hair on my thigh is blond and thin anyway, so it isn't a big deal. I just could not see myself never shaving my legs.

Bruic... Bruickson

Lol @ the shaving your legs thing! After I had my daughter I rarely had time to shave and I hated not having my legs smooth. Finally I decided I couldn't take it anymore and now I force myself to shave everytime I take a shower(even if it is just up to my knees when I'm really pressed for time). I'm about to leave my job to be a SAHM again and I'm going to try to get up every day and get dressed like I am actually going somewhere. Walking around in pajamas all day just makes me feel blah(says the girl who is still in pajamas right now).

Rosas... RosasMummy

I am 20 with a 2 and a half year old and ok just coming up to exam time in the second year of my biology degree...I brush my hair but nothing else, I don't wear make up, I wear whatever clothes are clean, my glasses are £25 men's glasses and I've put on about 3 stone. So yeah no beauty rituals for me, which wouldn't be so bad if some of my peers were mums too, but they are all 20 year old students.

Hyman Hyman

Lol. I currently have hairy under arms and legs. I hate to let it go, but I'm lucky if I get to be in a hot shower without my toddler running in with plastic cups to fill and dump out and than wash everything he's rubbed into his hair, out if it and actually get my body and his body washed :D

I've always felt best putting on some tinted moisturizer. That's not hard. Lol. I don't always have lipgloss lately :O

I always have to wash my face. I cannot sleep unless I wash the day off.

My personal thing? Probably that I wear Pilates pants every day. Sometimes the same ones days in a row.

Shrew2u Shrew2u

I was that way by the time I had my second and third kids.  When the youngest was 18 months, I had a glamor shoot done with a student photographer at my work (we run afterschool media arts programs for teens).   My avatar is from that photo shoot, and I finally realized that I needed to feel pretty and polished for me, not for anyone else.  That was 2 1/2 years ago.  These days, I take the extra time to put on makeup and do my hair (instead of pulling it into a librarian bun) every morning, and it just helps my day start better when I know I look polished.

Cel7777 Cel7777

You do have beautiful skin, Kristen.  As someone who has always struggled with my skin, I'm jealous :-)

I shave daily, not because anyone sees my legs, but I like the way I feel with fresh shaved legs. I put either lotion or olive after I get out of the shower. The feeling of stubble skeeves me out.

nonmember avatar Evelyn

I'm guilty of a few on your list as well - I don't always wash my face 2X's a day, or wear makeup every day. I do shave daily, when in the shower, and often exfoliate in the shower as well.

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