6 Beauty Rituals I Quit After Having Kids but Vow to Start Doing Again

6 beauty rituals to reclaim after having kidsI was never a "full-face make-up every day" kind of girl before I had kids, but I certainly took better care of myself. Now that I have four children, I admit that I've ditched a lot of my beauty routine, mostly due to time.

Sleep or shaving? Yes, it's come to that, as it does for so many moms.

But when I take care of myself and my appearance, I feel better and have a more positive attitude. So here are a few simple beauty rituals I'll be reclaiming, even if I have to force myself to.


1. Wash my face

Yep, confession time. I don't wash my face every day, even if I'm wearing make-up. Don't yell at me! I have always had great skin so it's never been an issue, but I know it's bad. I might not be able to do it in the morning, but at night time, it's a must.

2. Shave my legs

It's springtime, which means shorts and skirts and exposed legs, oh my! In the winter, I tend to let the shaved leg thing go because no one is going to see them, but now, I just can't. Every time I shower means I have to shave, no question. And that means the thighs too. (I can't be the only one who does up to the knees in a time crunch, right?).

3. Wear make-up

Really, how hard is it to spend five minutes a day putting on some BB cream, mascara, blush, and lip gloss? It's not! So I'm going to make myself do it. I've found that if I have the products out and ready as part of my routine, it's so much easier.

4. Put SPF on my face

I've heard mixed reports about using a face lotion with SPF, which doesn't really matter anyway since I don't always remember to put it on. But last weekend, I stopped by the Kiehl's counter and bought this amazing moisturizer with sunscreen that's super light and gentle. So far, so good. 

5. Exfoliate

I'm lucky if I get a shower every day, let alone remember to do any sort of exfoliation of my body and face. But the truth is, I feel so much better when I do. I decided to treat myself to a fancy sugar scrub (on sale at Walgreen's!) and wow, I feel so much better.

6. Wear a scent

I'm allergic to perfume, so I can't really wear it, but there are lots of light scents out there (I'm a citrus girl) that I'm perfectly fine with. I love the idea of having a signature smell -- other than sweat, and children -- and it's not that hard to spray myself before I run out the door.

What beauty rituals have you let go after having kids?


Image via agoodfella/Flickr

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