Should I Get That Brown Aging Spot on My Face Removed?

woman at the dermatologist
A few months ago, I visited the dermatologist for the first time in my life for a skin check. And after that was over and a couple of questionable moles were zapped, I decided that since I was there, I'd ask about the brown spot on my face that's been bothering me for a very long time.

Oh, the joys of getting old!

Quite frankly, I didn't know if there was anything they could do about it, but as it turns out, there is. Now I'm wondering if my vanity is worth the risk.


Now before my dermatologist visit, I was pretty much resigned to living with the small brown spot on my face, a product of age and sun and apparently being Asian (it's more common among Asian women). I figured, it's all part of getting older, like wrinkles and crow's feet, and since I probably wouldn't get Botox, why would I bother with the spot on my cheek?

But when the doctor told me she could actually remove it in a very simple procedure, my ears perked up, especially since none of the lotions or creams I've tried have worked. 

There's a medical technique called "cryotherapy" in which liquid nitrogen is used to burn the spot off the skin. And while it would take about a month to heal and look a little gory until then, it would eventually be completely gone.

But even though the doctor seemed pretty positive about it, and explained that it's quite effective, I'm concerned that my skin won't heal all the way and I'll be stuck with a scar or a pink spot in place of the brown -- which, hey, sort of looks like a big freckle and adds a bit of character to my face.

My skin is still very pink where I had the moles removed, so what's to say my face will be any different?

And because I do TV and online appearances fairly often, I'd be pretty much out of that line of work for a good month while the spot heals. And that's where I need your help ...

What do you think? If you were me would you take the plunge? Or should I just leave it alone?

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