See Kate Middleton's Magical Hair Transformation From Plain to Princess

kate middleton

With a head of hair like hers, it's almost as if Kate Middleton was destined by the gods to become royalty. That bounce, that shine, those highlights ... none other than Adonis himself must have created the Duchess of Cambridge's gorgeous, flowing locks. It's hard to believe that perfection exists, but we think that Kate is pretty much as close as one can get. Buuuuut ... it wasn't always that way. 

Like everyone else, Kate had to experiment a little bit before finding the styles that really work for her. We're all allowed a bad hair day every now and again, but even in the early years, Kate still looked put together no matter what she did with her locks. 

Sure, Kate's hairstyles are more refined now that she's been in the royal family for a while, but it's always important to remember where she started. She was once just a curly-haired college curl like so many of us, but now, she's mastered just about every hairstyle you could possibly think of. 

And we think it's important to document how Kate's hair has evolved from when her and William just started dating to now when they are happily married and building their family. Check out Kate Middleton's hair evolution from 2005 to now. From curls to bangs to, hey, did she have a redhead phase? It's all here.

  • Kate at College Graduation, 2005


    Long, dark, and youthful; it's the first time we'll see the bangs, but it won't be the last.

  • Kate at a Concert, 2008


    Before getting Duchessified, Kate's hair was more like ours, which is to say, she didn't have professional help. A little flat, a little one-note, Kate's hair is about to go from zero to hero once she gets engaged.

  • Wedding Prep, April 2011


    Boom, girl's engaged, and just look at that body. I'm talking about her voluminous hair, of course. Someone's getting some blowouts and learning to use some products!

  • Kate at a Gala, June 2011


    Are those some honey highlights, Your Highness? Kate chopped off a few inches for summer and went a wee bit lighter, too, it would seem.

  • Visiting Olympic Park, June 2012


    Forgoing her signature long waves, Kate ironed her hair straight for a few weeks. Sleek and oh so polished.

  • Olympic Swimming Event, August 2012


    What the redness? Did Kate get some auburn low-lights without us noticing? This picture definitely brings out the red tones in her brunette hair.

  • Diamond Jubilee, September 2012


    Not even royalty has a cure for humidity. While in Southeast Asia, Kate let her thick, natural curls do their thing in the epic summer heat.

  • Natural History Museum, November 2012


    It was the bang heard round the world: Kate decided to get some dramatic layers in November ... was she trying to hide something else from us?

  • Visiting a Hospital, February 2013


    Like, say, a pregnancy? Kate announced she was with child in December, so the bangs cutting might just have been a big old bait and switch. Here, in February, Kate's hair is shinier than ever. Thanks, pregnancy!

  • Scotland Visit, April 2013


    Old habits die hard -- earlier this month Kate went back to her signature long, brunette waves. Really, though, with locks like those, can you blame her? Kudos to her for switching it up a bit through the years, but even more congrats are in order for knowing what works, and sticking with it.

  • Post Labor, June 2013


    We don't know how Kate's hair looks this good after just giving birth to Prince George.

  • Charity Event, November 2013


    We are loving this half-up, half-down look on Kate! So youthful and elegant. 

  • Sydney Opera House, April 2014


    This pulled-back style is practical and stylish. Good choice, Kate!

  • Wimbledon, July 2014


    Kate may be a duchess, but that doesn't mean she's immune to being annoyed by her hair falling in her face. 

  • Singapore State Visit, October 2014


    Ponytails don't have to be boring -- and the Duchess of Cambridge is here to prove that. 

  • Royal Variety Performance, November 2014


    There's nothing more regal than an intricate, twisted up-do. Work it, Kate. 

  • Clore Art Room, January 2015


    Kate is glowing from her pregnancy -- and from that amazing blowout! 

  • Afghanistan Commemoration Service, March 2015


    The duchess's twisted bun looks so simple, yet some complicated. Any chance we can get the name of her hair stylist, Kate??

  • World Premier of 'Spectre,' October 2015


    She's back at it with the show-stopping updos. 

  • Wester Hailes Education Centre, February 2016


    Kate's hair looks slightly shorter than it normally is here, but we aren't complaining! This style is refined, polished, and very regal. 

  • Bhutan National Stadium, April 2016


    Kate seems to be channeling her best Princess Belle with this hairstyle. Gotta keep it in the royal family. 

  • BAFTA Awards, February 2017


    Not everything in Kate's life has to be perfectly put-together. We love she opted for a looser hairstyle for the BAFTA Awards in London. 

  • Farms for City Children, May 2017


    Kate's hair looks perfect even when she's hanging out with some livestock. We don't know how she does it. 

  • BAFTA Awards, February 2018


    Kate doesn't usually go the wind-blown curly route with her hair, but this style looked spectacular on her. Switch it up more often, Kate!

  • Beaufort Polo Club, June 2018


    Laid back Kate is our favorite Kate. 

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