Angelina Jolie Poses Topless With a Horse -- Yes, This Really Happened

Angelina JolieSooooooo, remember that time Angelina Jolie posed topless while letting a horse nuzzle her bosom? (Anyone?)

Yes, it's true. Back in 2001, Angie bared it all for photographer David LaChapelle -- and she didn't exactly seem bothered about taking her shirt off and getting up close and personal with a white horse. For the record, the horse didn't seem quite as into the whole deal as she did. Actually, Angie kind of appears to be pulling the poor animal towards her boobs.  

The never-before-seen half-nude photo was originally supposed to appear in Rolling Stone, but it didn't make the cut. I guess it's their loss, because it's about to go up for auction at Christie's, and is expected to sell for somewhere around $54,000.


Wow. Who knew Angie's boobs could reel in that kind of cash?

As sexy as the photo is, however, I think we can rule out one buyer for sure -- Brad Pitt. When it was taken, Angie still had her "Billy Bob" tattoo on her arm, and I'm guessing Brad doesn't want any permanent reminders of her ex. (Besides, he can see her boobs for free anytime he wants, so why waste all that dough?)

But it'll be a real prize for some hardcore Jolie fan out there, and if he or she is really feeling the urge to splurge, another photo featuring Angie and Brad posing as husband and wife for W magazine in 2005 is also up for auction. Granted, it's not nearly as interesting or racy as the horse pic -- but odds are good someone will take pleasure in viewing it on a daily basis.

Back to the boob photo. Yes, Angie looks gorgeous, but I'm still having a tough time coming to grasps with the horse having his mouth forced into her chest. Something about it just seems, well -- not quite right. For his sake, let's hope the photographer was able to get the shot without too many takes.

What do you think of Angelina's topless photo? Would you buy it?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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