Beyonce's Shocking 'Breast-Baring' Top Isn't Quite What It Seems (PHOTO)

beyonce revealing gold sequined costumeBeyonce may have had an action-packed year filled with becoming a mom, premiering an HBO documentary about her life, and performing at the Super Bowl, but she's not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. Blue Ivy's mama and Jay-Z's wife kicked off her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour yesterday night in Belgrade, Serbia and debuted one costume in particular everyone can't stop talking about -- because it's doesn't "leave much to the imagination." Uh huh.

Sorry, people. A gold sequined leotard with the outline of breasts, nipples, aerolas, and abs is not the same thing as actually revealing her breasts, nipples, aerolas, and abs.


It's not my fave fashion statement of Bey's, but that's all it is. An artistic move meant to get tongues wagging, it kinda reminds me of a warrior in the Roman Empire, you know? Actually, the visual technique it employs is called trompe l'oeil -- a realistic portrayal of something, like a woman's body, which is misleading or deceiving, as in it's not actually the woman's body. (Hey, you learn something new every day!)

Besides that, it's not even like this is that shocking when you consider how many divas -- from Madonna to Katy Perry to Lady Gaga -- have taken the stage or red carpet in similar, sexy, wink wink costumes. That said, Bey doesn't exactly deserve much credit or grief for this get-up. At this point, faux breast-baring is practically par for the pop star course. 

What do you think about this costume?


Image via Kauffman/GoldenEye/Splash News

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