Ke$ha's New Makeover Is Her Most Shocking Yet (PHOTO)

kesha today show 2012It's almost difficult to picture Ke$ha without pounds of makeup, a dump-truck of glitter, and a wide variety of ripped, wacky outfits. But after a few years of the same ol' shtick, she's been failing to shock with her perpetually wannabe-avant-garde looks. Maybe that's why she felt like it was time to really shake things up ... and hit the red carpet with an extreme MAKEUNDER

Oh yes, she did! Check it out ...







kesha natural look Pretty, right? Refreshing! Though, it's not like what Ke$ha's doing here is exactly new, uncharted territory for a pop star. Red lipstick and rainbow hair extensions-lovin' diva Christina Aguilera recently showed up practically bare-faced ... Even Gaga's done it a few times now. Still, I love when stars with a signature risque, flashy style trade it in for the occasional natural look. Because of course it's gonna definitely be more attention-grabbing than wearing another kooky leather get-up, shade of blue lipstick, dangerous dress that's clearly threatening a nip-slip, or whatever.

That said, at the risk of this becoming the new "normal" for her -- hey, she is still wearing a flashy gold tooth and a hooped nose ring -- Ke$ha should rock this look more often. Or maybe think about a new spin on her typical look. Cuz after seeing her like this, it's probably safe to say the style she started out with has definitely gone stale.

What do you think of Ke$ha's natural look?


Images via Becky Sullivan/Wikimedia & AdMedia/Splash News

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