2013 MTV Movie Awards: The 8 Best & Worst-Dressed Celebs (PHOTOS)

keshaThe MTV Movie Awards are one of the more fun Hollywood love-fests. They aren't stuffy; anything goes; and celebs always seem to push the fashion envelope a little more than they do at a more formal awards ceremony -- and while that can be a tremendous thing, it can also go horribly (horribly) wrong. But, hey, fun for us!

Here are the eight best and worst dressed from the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. Get out your golden popcorn!

Image via Splash

  • Best: Emma Watson


    It's literally impossible for Emma Watson to look bad. Literally. But she's taken things to a new level in this graphic print dress.

  • Best: Selena Gomez




    Sure, the dress is a little Skating With the Stars, but gold is the perfect color for Selena. And loving that braid.

  • Best: Zoe Saldana


    Few people could pull this dress off. Zoe is clearly one of them. Jealous.

  • Best: Kim Kardashian




    Kim actually looks appropriate in this outfit! It's plain; it's black; it doesn't look like she's uncomfortable; and the heel height is perfect. Bravo, Kim!

  • Worst: Snooki




    Snooki isn't on the worst-dressed list because of what she's wearing, but because of her hair and makeup. She's a cute girl -- why is she sporting 40-year-old hair that doesn't look like it will ever move again, and 20 pounds of makeup? Come on, Snooks. You're better than that.

  • Worst: JWoww


    If only JWoww had a little bit more fabric to her dress. Just a little.

  • Worst: Ke$ha

  • Worst: Caitlin Gerard


    The Social Network star is absolutely stunning, but ratty sneakers with a gorgeous dress? Pass. The high-low look can be cool, but when you're going to an awards show, you ought to throw on a pair of pumps.

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