Victoria's Secret Model's 'Nip Slip' May Have Been Deliberate but It Showed Her Hidden Flaw

Rosie Huntington-WhiteleyRosie Huntington-Whiteley must have heard about the scientist who declared bras to be bad for your boobs! The Victoria's Secret model was snapped sporting a very revealing, sleeveless top and most definitely NO Wonder Bra. The question is: did she look in the mirror before heading out on the street?

Apparently Rosie was leaving a swanky Beverly Hills hair salon when the shots were snapped. Her hair does look awesome, as per usual, but perhaps it was a bit, er, NIPpy in Southern California the other day? The Daily Mail sagely notes that it's not as if she needs a bra. Indeed, but more to the point, after carefully scrutinizing all of the shots of Rosie in her perky glory, I have come to the conclusion that ...


Even Victoria's Secret models are lopsided!

Yes, people, I have put my college degree to good use and given the photos careful consideration. Even accounting for one of her shoulders being higher in many of the shots, the nipple on the left is definitely higher than the nipple on the right! (Of course, if you are Rosie, our left is your right.)

Why, why, WHY do I care? Is that what you're thinking as you read this, shaking your head and patting your own perfectly even cleavage? Well, if you're patting your own perfectly even cleavage and you're not wearing a bra, you can stop reading because you are one of the very few perfectly balanced women. Congratulations!

For the rest of us, we know what I'm talking about, right ladies? I'm talking about how very little about the human body is actually symmetrical, our tatas included. Isn't it great to see that a gorgeous supermodel is ALSO not totally even, and she has the entire universe drooling over those shots just the same? Yes, yes it is.

Something to keep in mind the next time you lament what you might think are your flaws. Rosie and all those commenters drooling over her clearly don't seem to care!

But seriously, don't you think that shirt called for a bra?

Image via hugo971/Flickr

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