Julianne Hough Does Something Unexpected to Her Hair After Breakup With Ryan Seacrest (PHOTO)

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Julianne HoughOMG. Have you seen Julianne Hough's new bob haircut? It's beyond adorable -- and I'm loving the platinum shade of blond she went for as well.

Forget long, layered locks -- chic bobs seem to be all the rage these days, but Julianne probably wasn't going for trendy when she headed to the salon this time around. Nope -- she was lookin' for some awesome breakup hair to go along with her newly single status.

It came as a bit of a surprise when Julianne and Ryan Seacrest split after nearly three years together, so it's understandable that she wanted a fresh look to go along with the new, independent phase of her life.

Oh come on -- don't act like you haven't felt the urge to alter your appearance in one way or another after a breakup. We all have, because it's true what they say -- looking good is the best revenge.

Back to the haircut itself, which I'm drooling over. I've wanted this exact hairdo for years. Years, people. It's so cute and sassy, and it looks so much easier to style than the longer locks I've had for most of my adult life.

But as great as this style looks on Julianne, I'm terrified to try it myself, because I'm pretty sure I'll wind up hating and/or regretting it. My hair has a natural wave to it, which got even more pronounced after the birth of my son. I'm guessing if I chopped it all off, it wouldn't be smooth and straight like hers unless I flat ironed it every day -- which just isn't healthy.

And another thing -- I have a round face. And round faces and short hair usually don't mix. I'm afraid that if I go the chin-length route, I'll wind up looking like I have a double chin because my face will appear fat.

But who knows? Maybe I'll be really surprised and come out of the hair salon somewhat resembling Julianne -- at least for a few hours or so. Hmm. Should I go for it?

Have you tried the bob yet?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Dalyn

You should go for it! It is so fresh looking! Julianne looks fantastic.

Betty Aldrich

she is beyond gorgeous no matter what she wears and how her hair is cut.

wish she was still on DWTS but glad she left Ryan.

Serab... Serabelle

She's gorgeous! I also chopped my hair after a breakup in December, but I immediately regretted it. Like the author, o have a round face and wavy hair, so short hair was a big mistake! You might think it'll be easier to manage but it isn't, it takes twice as long to get ready now because I have to style it, no adding scrunching spray and heading out the door! I miss my long hair :(

Linda Bradshaw Hirter

Even though Julianne's hair does look adorable, I doubt Ryan Seacrest is "eating his heart out" because most men like LONG hair ! Just Sayin'

Kayla Holhon

If you actually look like your picture Mary, you definitely do not have a round face!!! So, if that is your reason for not getting this haircut - I say do it!!! It will grow back. No time like the present!

kitty... kittykal47

I agree with Kayla. Try it out; your face isn't too round for a bob. Just ask for a long bob that's a little beyond chin length if you're worried about the shape. My face is rounder than yours and I still get a bob, it just can't be right at chin level.

Rootbear Rootbear

I'm in the midst of growing out a pixie cut and am at the insufferable phase where your hair just looks like a scraggly mop. I'm going to use this haircut on her as a goal to reach, because every day I wake up I have to tell myself NOT to cut my hair.

nonmember avatar sophia

i have curly/wavy hair that is not extremely frizzy like many other people. but it still gets frizzy easily especially in humid heat. i have had a bob cut. and i loved it! i was still able to style my hair sleek straight, actually it looked even more super sleek straight. and unlike with long hair, bob cuts also look good somewhat "messy".

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