Amanda Bynes Goes to Therapy & By Therapy We Mean the Hair Salon

amanda bynesThere are a lot of reasons Amanda Bynes is scaring all of us, but let's put aside her obvious psychotic break and focus on the most banal thing we can: her hair. The retired actress reportedly has a shaved head with extensions, a la Britney Spears in 2007, and was photographed with her buzz-cut barely holding on to tethered additions of fake, blonde locks.

That didn't stop Amanda, however, from getting a blowout.


She tweeted a photo of herself with wet hair, and sunglasses, inside a salon with the caption, "getting ready for tonight!"

It's unclear where Amanda was headed, but wherever she was going, she wanted to have nice, professionally styled hair for the occasion. Gotta say, it actually came out pretty well.

Getting a blowout can be as good as any therapy visit -- the warmth of the hair dryer, the relaxing music, the cup of tea, and the undeniably soothing feeling of someone playing with your hair. And at the end of the session, you walk about feeling like a million bucks; being all put together on the outside can make us temporarily feel all put together on the inside.

I have a feeling Amanda's visit to the salon won't do much to set her on the right path, mentally speaking, but hey, at least her hair's looking good. It's a step.

Do you find getting a blowout is therapeutic?


Photo via AmandaBynes/Twitter

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