Angelina Jolie Goes Gray & She Should Keep It That Way

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie is finally looking her age -- and it really suits her. The globetrotting celebrity and mom of six appeared at a foreign summit in London looking austere, conservative -- and gray! Yep, just like a lot of 37-year-olds, Ange is sporting some gray streaks in her dark brown tresses. And you know what? I'm totally loving it. I think Ange should go all gray. (On a side note, how cute is Knox? He looks exactly like Brad.)


Not many women can pull off all gray, but I think Angelina is one of them. With those greenish-gray eyes and sculpted cheekbones, she'd probably look good with any color hair -- well, maybe not red or platinum -- but she could rock the silver fox look.

Hollywood is all about women looking young -- and quite a few female celebs have taken the war against aging a bit too far, plumping up their cheeks and lips to Zeppelin levels. Someone like Madonna, for instance, certainly looks decades younger, but she doesn't quite look human anymore either.

You can see that Ange isn't going in that direction. Her forehead is still as smooth as a baby's bottom, so she may have had a few Botox injections, but on the whole, she's aging naturally. While 37 might seem early for gray, I know quite a few women who went gray in their 20s! So it's not that unusual. Some celebs have done the fake gray thing (though Kate Moss's might have been for real), but few if any go au naturel. It takes guts! You may never work in Tinseltown again!

I have to say it's nice to see Ange looking like a real middle-aged woman, and still looking spectacular. It's amazing considering that she's traveled to so many places where the hot sun is bearing down on that alabaster skin.

But with these new pictures showing Angie with a few gray streaks, you really get a sense of what she's going to look like in her elder years. And she's still gonna be hot!

So go for it, Ange. Go gray! If anyone can do it, you can.

Do you have any gray? Do you cover it up?


Image via SplashNews

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