Bearded Lady Says Her Facial Hair Makes Her Feel Sexy (VIDEO)

Back in the day, bearded ladies used to travel with what they called a "freak show." Nowadays, of course, it would be totally rude to pay a dollar to point and stare at a woman with a beard. Because we can do it for FREE. The facial-haired lady known only as Mariam appeared on a British television to show off her beard. She apparently began growing facial hair after the birth of her son (OMG another kooky thing moms have to worry about?!), and at first she spent all her time plucking, waxing, and tweezing. But eventually she gave up the battle and decided to do something incredibly brave. She decided to love her beard.


At first, she was worried about how people would react to a bearded lady. She told ITV's This Morning:

I didn't feel brave ... it was more curiosity and what happens with me -- will I be more myself if I let it grow? And how will people react?

As you could expect, some were rude -- even going as far as to tell her she "should be shot." Jeez, overreaction much?! Other people, however, were supportive and told her how courageous she was and how she was inspiring other women to be themselves.

She also says she feels sexy and is ready to start a relationship!

Now, you'd think something like a beard on a gal wouldn't exactly make her popular with the XY set, but I'm willing to bet there are a certain select group of guys out there who would totally dig a bearded lady, and those guys will be lining up to have a hairy snog with Mariam.

What a world this would be if we could all be like Mariam, eh? No, I don't mean have hairy chins, but embrace ourselves, and learn to accept and even celebrate our differences. Like Balpreet Kaur, who gave such an eloquent response to online bullies who were heckling her about her facial hair.

That said, I could never do it myself! Nope. Sorry. Facial hair isn't something I'm ever going to accept. I can't even deal with the one or two little hairs that pop up on my chin once and awhile. Tweezers are my best friend.

Anyway, Mariam doesn't travel with a freak show. But she does with the circus! No joke. She says she likes "acting" and the circus gives her a chance to do that. So her beard is paying off. Literally.

Do you have any flaws that you love? Or want to learn to love?


Image via YouTube

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