Disney Star Ashley Tisdale Shows Major Side-Boob & Goes Pants-less in Ultra Sexy 'Maxim' Shoot

Ashley Tisdale MaximDamn. She was one of the stars of High School whaaaa? No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. That is, indeed, Ashley Tisdale on Maxim's cover -- as in High School Musical star, Ashley Tisdale.

But she's all grown up now -- 27, in fact. And her side-boob doesn't appear to show any traces of the former Disney girl she once was either.

And we should probably feel a bit naughty even mentioning the frilly underwear she appears to be starting to pull off in this shot. If she was going for in-your-face sexy, she certainly achieved it.


But let's be honest -- it's not like any of us are all that surprised to see her pictured on a magazine cover wearing basically nothing more than a leather jacket and a sassy facial expression. (And a decent spray tan.)

I don't know what it is about Disney stars, but eventually they realize that if they want to stay current and graduate from their childish image, they have to go the sexy route and remove their bras at one point or another. In Ashley's case, no matter what she does, she'll always be known as "that girl from High School Musical" -- though showing off her side-boob on the cover of a men's magazine is as good a place as any to try and shake her innocent reputation.

And speaking of the side-boob -- it's tough not to notice what an amazing side-boob it is. I won't lie -- I'm actually pretty envious of Ashley's perfectly perky bosom. At 35, I can only hope and dream that my boob would actually stay at eye level if I were to throw on a leather jacket and call it an outfit. Simply trying to picture that image has me cringing in horror, because I'm well aware it would be a total sag-fest.

As far as Ashley's concerned, all I can say is, "go for it, honey -- while you still can." Disney star or no Disney star, she looks amazeballs. Anyone who says otherwise is either way too ultra-conservative or insanely jealous.

What do you think of Ashley's Maxim cover?


Image via Maxim

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