Miley Cyrus Exposes Her Bare Flat Tummy Again -- As Well She Should!

Miley CyrusOooh that Miley Cyrus is at it again -- going to parties, looking young and beautiful, and generally acting her age!

The future Mrs. Liam Hemsworth (ha!) went to music producer Pharrell Williams' 40th birthday party on Friday sporting baggy black shorts and a sexy back crop-top, and she looked totally gorgeous.

I love what Miley tweeted right after she shared this photo of her smokin' outfit: "Girl in boys clothing."

No one's going to mistake you for a boy, Miley, that's for sure!

From her bleach blond cropped hair to her red lips, I love Miley's style -- she's edgy and ultra hip without trying too hard, and her saucy, sexy look is totally appropriate for someone her age. I mean, if you can't wear a crop-top and show off your perfect tummy at age 20, then when the heck can you?

Of course, the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana is no stranger to showing some skin -- remember that bustier-top Miley wore on Leno  or her recent braless Cosmo cover? Risque, to be sure, but somehow she manages to keep on this side of the good taste line. Maybe it's because Miley really just seems to OWN her style: I always get the feeling she's dressing they way she wants to -- the way that makes her feel great and is an expression of herself.

As someone who needs to work on my own mid-section (bathing suit season looms!), I'm not going to be rocking the crop-top trend anytime soon. But good for Miley for making it look super hot when some of us can't. She's got it -- and she's right to flaunt it.

Are you a fan of Miley's style? Or perhaps more to the point -- would you wear a crop top?

Image via MileyCyrus/Twitter

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Chandra Haverstock

I am to heavy to wear a crop top. I think the outrage over what Miley wears has long passed. 

GwenMB GwenMB

I don't like that outfit at all.  Definitely not something I'd wear!

elasmimi elasmimi

I am just not a fan of her at all, not just because of her style

RobynS RobynS

Eh, I'm not a fan. She's pretty, but I don't agree that she "doesn't try too hard." I think she's trying WAY to hard. She seems to be desperate for attention.

I don't like the shorts at. all. But the rest of the outfit is cute.

leona24 leona24

I wish this nasty tramp would disappear!!!

kellynh kellynh

I would never wear a top like that. 

la_be... la_bella_vita

I'm not a fan of her and I'm not impressed or turned off by her outfit. Seems like it was chosen for one reason, to get attention and she's getting that. No I wouldn't wear a crop top. I'm no prude but I'm not a fan of showing off my stomach.

lalas... lalasmama2007

No.. I don't care for her outfit and I certainly wouldn't wear a crop top.

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