Selena Gomez's Shorts Are So Short You Need a Microscope to See Them (PHOTO)

selena gomezSelena Gomez, where are your pants? Or your shorts, I guess, because, clearly, you are not wearing pants. Did you forget to put them on? Did they fall off while you ran into CVS for some saline solution? Did you accidentally run into a saw mill on your way out of the house that meticulously only hacked up the bottom portion of your clothing and left the rest of you unscathed? Or are they so short we just can't see them? I think I know the answer ...


If you look close enough, underneath Selena's hole-y boho sweater, there's a pair of itty-bitty jean shorts. Go on, lean into your computer screen. Still can't seem them? Okay, get out your magnifying glass. Still can't see them? All right, print out this paper and put it underneath a microscope. Now you should be able to see Selena's jean shorts.

Look, Selena Gomez is a lovely young lady with a great body, so I'm all for her rocking Daisy Dukes. Why not? She's only 20 once. In fact, I'm kind of liking Selena's whole look here -- the hair, the boots, the hippie sweater. Very Woodstock; very Coachella; very Glastonbury. But hot damn those are some super short shorts!

What do you think of Selena Gomez's look?


Image via Splash

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