7 Celebrity Moms With Amazing Bikini Bodies We'd Kill to Have (PHOTOS)

Jessica AlbaSigh. I know they work out like crazy and have personal chefs and nannies and all kinds of other luxuries, but considering how amazing some celebrity moms look in a bikini, it's hard not to wonder if there's something in the water in La-La-land.

Honestly, are you even believing how ridiculously awesome Jessica Alba's bikini body is? This picture of her was taken as she relaxed in the sun in St. Bart's -- and her figure is nothing short of pure perfection.

I mean, she looks better after two babies than most of us do before we have kids. (So. Not. Fair.)

And have you seen the new photos of Kristin Cavallari wearing a bikini pool-side while vacationing in Mexico? Yeah, she'll make you want to hop on a treadmill immediately too.

Of course, Jessica and Kristin are still spring chickens, at 31 and 26 respectively, but as you can see from the photos below, famous moms know how to rock a bikini at almost any age.

Here are six more of the hottest celeb moms in two-pieces you'll ever see.


Image via Splash

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