50 Amazing Tattoos for Autism Awareness

autism tattoo

All tattoos have meaning, but some also have great reach and ability to inspire change, like the tattoos moms and dads and other loved ones get to raise awareness about autism. These beautiful works of art are as expressive as they are important. While April is Autism Awareness Month, a tattoo is forever, allowing its message to continue to inspire change and hope. 


There are so many cool tattoo design ideas that creatively incorporate the puzzle piece, the symbol that is often used to reflect the immense complexity of the autism spectrum. All the different colors and shapes are often used to represent the diversity of all the kids and grownups living with autism. We've certainly inspired by the way an amazing tattoo artist can turn the puzzle piece into a standout out work of art. 

For moms, dads, or family members of kids with autism or those who may have autism themselves, there are so many amazing ways to get inked in honor of autism awareness. We've rounded up some beautiful tattoos in honor of autism awareness that are certain to inspire. 

autism tattoo

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