50 Amazing Tattoos for Autism Awareness

50 Amazing Tattoos for Autism Awareness

autism tattoo

All tattoos have meaning, but some also have great reach and ability to inspire change, like the tattoos moms and dads and other loved ones get to raise awareness about autism. These beautiful works of art are as expressive as they are important. While April is Autism Awareness Month, a tattoo is forever, allowing its message to continue to inspire change and hope. 

There are so many cool tattoo design ideas that creatively incorporate the puzzle piece, the symbol that is often used to reflect the immense complexity of the autism spectrum. All the different colors and shapes are often used to represent the diversity of all the kids and grownups living with autism. We've certainly inspired by the way an amazing tattoo artist can turn the puzzle piece into a standout out work of art. 

For moms, dads, or family members of kids with autism or those who may have autism themselves, there are so many amazing ways to get inked in honor of autism awareness. We've rounded up some beautiful tattoos in honor of autism awareness that are certain to inspire. 

autism tattoo

  • Colorful Butterfly Autism Awareness Tattoo


    Love this bold and colorful butterfly tattoo with the puzzle pattern for autism. It stands out just like it should to spread awareness. 

  • Puzzle Piece Sleeve Autism Awareness Tattoo


    Do you see the pretty yellow puzzle piece tattoo in this beautiful sleeve -- it's right up near the wrist. What a lovely piece of artwork in honor of autism awareness. 

  • Folk Art Autism Awareness Tattoo


    The colors on this tattoo are incredible -- we love the lack of a black outline and how the tree grows out of a heart, showing the symbol for autism awareness.

  • Superhero Autism Awareness Tattoo


    The cape is a perfect way to show our love for our kids -- they are all heroes. 

  • Photographic Autism Awareness Tattoo


    In a word, this tattoo is brilliant. But it really is so much more.

  • Flying Free Autism Awareness Tattoo


    We've always loved bird tattoos, and this beautiful added puzzle piece just makes it even more meaningful. 

  • Feather Autism Awareness Tattoo


    This colorful feather serves as a beautiful reminder that we can incorporate our awareness, and raising awareness, into any design. 

  • "Love" Autism Awareness Tattoo


    The sweetest expression paired with the loveliest of hearts. This is perfect. 

  • Delicate Autism Awareness Tattoo


    This tattoo is still in progress, but it is clearly absolutely stunning. 

  • Star Wars Autism Awareness Tattoo


    Not only is this tattoo awesome, but so is the story behind it. This tattoo is on a woman who, with her husband and autistic son, built an R2D2, and they go to different charity events (and Star Wars events) to raise awareness. 

  • Watercolor Autism Awareness Tattoo


    We love the henna designs within the puzzle piece, and the incredible splashes of watercolor. 

  • Bumble Bee Autism Awareness Tattoo


    This bee is fantastic, and the wing looks perfect with the puzzle piece, but we also love the placement -- right on the hand, always right there, raising awareness. 

  • Love Letter Autism Awareness Tattoo


    In a word, LOVE is how we feel about our children. This tattoo also honors an individual child, and that is truly love, truly beautiful.

  • Bold Birdy Autism Awareness Tattoo


    So creative! We love this concept so much. And the bold colors make it pop. 

  • "Respect Differences" Autism Awareness Tattoo


    This is such a lovely design with the perfect message.

  • Personalized Autism Awareness Tattoo


    This is this person's son's own handwriting -- we couldn't love this more.

  • Geometric Autism Awareness Tattoo


    This stunning geometric piece so beautifully raises autism awareness.

  • Big Butterfly Autism Awareness Tattoo

    autism tattoo
    Marsha Armstrong

    Marsha Roberson Armstrong got inked for her son and daughter:

    "Jonas is 10, diagnosed at age 3. His sister Jaden, age 9, is always carrying the load and looks out for him all the time. I incorporated the autism ribbon as the body of a butterfly for my son, and my daughter is the wings."

  • Small Hand Autism Awareness Tattoo

    autism tattoo
    Holley Jacobs

    Mom Holley Jacobs has one autism tattoo for her son, Jacob:

    "I have one green puzzle piece on my right hand next to my thumb and my first finger. I love art and photography and consider tattooing an extremely creative art form. I have 13 tattoos, but all of them can be covered when necessary. Unfortunately, in the business world, looks matter; they shouldn't, as my tattoos do not affect my intelligence, but such is life.

    "The reason I mention that is because the ONLY tattoo that I cannot cover up is the autism puzzle piece. Green is both Jacob's and my favorite color, which is why it is green. This is my smallest but most important tattoo. I strategically placed it where it is. I am right-handed, and whenever I meet someone, the first thing I do is shake their hand and say hello. This has always been a habit of mine and I get such positive reaction. I would estimate that maybe 90 percent of the people who I shake hands with and see the tattoo (which it is IMPOSSIBLE not to see it) either smile and say how great it is (because they know the meaning) or they question me about it. Now, the latter are who I love to talk to because it is the sole reason I got the tattoo.

    "I wanted a way to raise awareness about autism but without a lot of money; I am limited. What I do have is my time, which I use to volunteer, and I have my body, which I adorn with art including the most precious piece of art -- my autism puzzle piece."

  • Prime Colored Autism Awareness Tattoo

    autism tattoo
    Whitney Moore

    Whitney Moore got inked for her nephew, Hayden, at Glenn's Tattoo Service by Max:

    "He has come so far since July. I also got it to spread the word about autism!"

  • Happy Penguin Autism Awareness Tattoo


    The caption on Facebook alongside the photo of this lovely tattoo said: "Done at Docc's Custom Ink Tattoo Studio in Bonne Terre, Missouri, by Sean Seger on Crystal Bruns. Love it!"